Next level knitting spot

Next level knitting spot

So … uh, the portion of yesterday that should have been spent on a blog post was instead spent working with our porch crew on a highly critical matter. Naturally the most important function of this screened porch we’ve been building is the accommodation of knitting, and from early in the planning process — such as it was — I really wanted these hanging chairs that my friends at Earthen Studio have in their space. (Remember this?) They look fantastic, obvs, but more importantly, they are impossibly comfortable — the perfect place to curl up and knit for hours on end. However, they were bought at a salvage/overstock place here in Nashville, where you never know what you will or won’t find. I’ve been keeping an eye on the situation, but all they’ve had lately was a hulking double-wide version and a bunch of comparable chairs that don’t really compare. Then by some miracle — or maybe I just hadn’t been looking under the right musty pile of stuff — they reappeared a couple of weeks ago and I jumped on them. And then I lamented every day they lay on the garage floor, the porch still not ready. But yesterday was finally the day to get them hung just exactly right. I felt sure you’d all understand! ;)

p.s. If you’re in Nashville and wondering about knit night at Craft South tonight, it’s apparently not happening this month, but hopefully I’ll see you there in June!

21 thoughts on “Next level knitting spot

  1. Those might possibly be the world’s most comfortable chairs. I bet they’re great for naps, too.

  2. It looks great. It’s amazing how much you’ll use a good porch, once you have one.

  3. Seriously jealous. Enjoy these – can’t wait to see what you make in them…

  4. They are beautiful and look comfortable, but, how much weight do they hold? Couldn’t help wondering as I’m looking at the thin chain that supports them. The idea of knitting on the porch…priceless!

  5. It brought back wonderful memories as we had a “hanging basket” chair in the 70’s and one of my favorite pics was my mom sitting in it. Wish I had knitted back then! Our chain had. “bungee” type cord that made it even more fun to sit in.

  6. So so great. This changes everything.

    I was coveting a 14-foot-long leather sofa at the salvage store. It was the longest sofa I ever saw, and it just seemed nice to think I could have a sofa where two full-grown adults could nap, foot to foot. I’d have to buy a new room to put it in, of course.

  7. We all have our priorities. :) I love them. I wish I have a front porch to sit while I am knitting.

  8. love it! I have a screened porch, but have been craving a swing. I have the plans to build one, but haven’t gotten to it yet. I love knitting out there in the evening – bug free!

  9. Congratulations! Those chairs look wonderful & the space is fantastic. My first thought when I came to your blog was how much I wanted to sit in those chairs and knit the day away! I hope that you thoroughly enjoy your porch. I will enjoy it vicariously!

  10. As a child, my grandfather lived up the road from me and used to have nearly those exact same chairs on a screened in porch. We’d curl up in them and read Richard Scarry books. Your porch is going to be a great classic with great memories, just like his!!

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