New Favorites: Rigel

New Favorites: Rigel

The latest Brooklyn Tweed collection is out, Wool People 10, and to nobody’s surprise I like the diamond-cabled shawl-collar cardigan, Kierson, and the fisherman’s sweater, Bronwyn — both appear impeccably done, and either would be a great addition to the ol’ closet of timelessness. I also like the simple raglan pullover with the massive cable panel up the front, Oda. But the piece I’m most taken with is Kirsten Johnstone’s cabled cardigan-coat, Rigel, pictured above. I can’t decide whether I’m just not quite sold on the proportions or if it’s simply a size too big for the model, but either way I think it would look better scaled down a touch as compared to the wearer. However, I am fascinated by this thing. Worked in bulky Quarry, those cables would be a ton of fast fun to knit, but what really gets me is the level of construction detail. You all know I’m a major process nerd, and the idea of the worsted-weight facings and twill-taped shoulder seams gets my heart racing. This sweater is a project, in the best sense.

New Favorites: Rigel

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  1. I agree with you on the proportions – I love the swing and the huge cables, but even on the lovely slender model it seems a bit off. I adore all the texture in this collection. I want to go home and finish everything on my needles so I can start one of these!

  2. I’m such a fan of cables. So cosy. Have you considered Kate Davies pattern, Shepherd? I made this but shortened it and eliminated the hood. Gorgeous and just the right jacket weight.

  3. I’m so mixed on this one. I love the impact that it has and I love the idea of the details, but in the picture some of them look off to me – the hems flare out and the shoulders seams are falling off the actual shoulder.

  4. These are beautifully constructed cables on this coat, but I struggle with wearing cables. I feel like they bulk me up, so I would be more likely to wear this at home. It would be a waste of all that work! I think maybe if the cuffs had a different treatment, it wouldn’t appear so weighted on the model.

  5. The sleeves are a tad long and the way the cables land at the shoulder and arm makes things seem as if there is a slope. Also, the white band on the model’s clothing distorts the bottom. It would have helped if they had “squared off” the coat on her before taking the photo. But in all, it seems like a fabulous project!!!

  6. Plus the styling really annoys me…. Dark on dark?? If she were wearing light colored clothes we could see the sweater much better especially on a smaller screen.

    • That’s always a concern with something with this much volume, but BT yarns are woollen-spun and very light. If it were done in a yarn with any heavier/drapier fibers (alpaca, etc) I’d be worried about it.

  7. My heart always takes a leap when the Brooklyn Tweed announcement pops into my mailbox. Awesome patterns (and great photography.)

  8. Oh, the siren song of this coat. I much prefer sweaters and jackets that stop at the waist, but something about this one is so appealing. I’d love to be able to modify it so that it’s a shawl-collared pullover (though I’d keep the pockets). I might just have to spring for not just the pattern, but the yarn, too!

  9. Oh Wool People! Every time there is something new and fabulous to knit. Must finish other WP patterns first….

  10. I agree the proportions are off for this model, although maybe way oversized is the point. I think this would be fabulous lined with some fun fabric to help keep the shape of the cables over the long term. Overall, I love Brooklyn Tweed and this collection is no exception. I just need to hit the lottery so I have less working time and more knitting time!

  11. This seems big. It will make larger framed women bigger and swallow up someone with a smaller frame. Cute but perhaps too bulky all way round. I am purchasing Bronwyn I think -right down my alley. Brooklyn Tweed collections are something I look forward to whether I buy or not,

  12. My heart skipped 2 beats when I saw that coat.
    But, reality check! I live in California. I’d wear that baby, maybe, once a year. “Sigh” Moving on…

  13. I agree with you on the sizing. It overwhelms the model and looks like a sack. But it’s a beautiful piece, especially in this color.

  14. I love the idea of mixing shelter and quarry in a single project–definitely makes for a unique, detailed project. I like the oversized-ness of it, too! It looks extra snuggly, but I’d almost certainly go for shorter and tighter just to cut down on yarn and knitting time.

  15. It’s just too big for the model, as are many BT patterns, alas. Their sizing perplexes me. I’ll be all ready to buy one of their patterns, only to find that I would be absolutely swimming in the smallest size available. I appreciate patterns intended to be worn with ease, but too-big sweaters look sloppy on me. I’m small-busted, but not tall and lanky like a model :)
    Anyway, the Rigel coat is beautiful, you’re right about that! Bronwyn is my favorite from the collection, with Oda a close second.

  16. I love this new collection and Rigel is a beautiful coat. I agree that it’s too big for the model – almost 7″ of ease with such a bulky fabric is just too much though. And maybe the slight flare-out at lower edge and sleeve hems could be addressed by using a smaller needle when working the first 1½” or so of the main fabric (just before the first cable crosses).

  17. I like the oversized fit of the coat but I do think the shoulders look too big. But I wonder how the pattern handles narrower shoulders with the size of the cables. Seems like maybe you would have to make the cables narrower as you go into the shoulder area or maybe the coat in the photo is knit in the smallest size and larger sizes just add more of the garter stitch that is under the arm. I’d have to really study the pattern before I committed to this one. However I sure do like Oda although I generally don’t like raglans on me since I have narrow shoulders. This might work with the vertical look of the cabled panel.

  18. Beautiful, beautiful details. For my money, Wool People and BT do the best classics in the business. I really suffer when I look at these–I love all of the Arans (Arans were what made me want to knit in the first place), but here in NM, I really need to stick with sport or fingering-weight wool projects, so things like Norah Gaughan’s Intersect, from a few issues back, are more my speed. I keep sticking the worsted ones on my queue, thinking they’d make good winter coats, and then deleting them because I never wear the Arans I have. Quarry is out of the question.

  19. I think the look is appropriate for today’s styling. I think a lighter color yarn would take away the drama & make it more appealing car coat.

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  21. I tried the sample on last week and it was more flattering than I expected! Super cozy and very light weight for the amount of fabric. I am pretty short though, so I would knit it a touch shorter than the pattern suggests.

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