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Happy Friday, friends. I’ve got a fun and informative roundup for you today—

The evolution of Spincycle — great post about a great yarn business

See also the Hinterland backstory

The problem with baby camels (is there aren’t that many of them!)

Oh lord these sweaters

– And uh also, this sweater (talk about a new look at the pattern)

– I’m looking for a few minutes to watch these little movies about makers

Love this post about jealousy, something I wish I didn’t find such a struggle

J. Cathcart Wason, Shetland’s knitting M.P.

I might need this book

So awesome what Ace & Jig does

Best hat in the history of hats

– And can we talk about these curly locks?

Have a great weekend, everyone! Pop by Fringe Supply Co. if you’re feeling shopish. ;)



Photos via Tolt and Paper-Tiger

10 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Great links, as usual. I love the baby camel countdown. Great post on jealousy. Her four points are something I try to do as I deal with my own envy of all who, like you, have such an impact on the creative world! Have a great weekend, Karen!

  2. Great links, thank you Karen. Love the post on jealousy. I think it is an emotion that is more often triggered these days by the way in which everyone is marketing their lives on the internet. Cropping and styling becomes a metaphor. Anyway, love your Friday posts. They are the gift that keeps on giving all weekend long.

  3. Wonderful Friday links!
    Jealously tip #5
    You can never really know what another person’s life is inside their head. Be grateful for what you have.

  4. Great set of links, as usual. The jealousy one was great to read, especially the Amy Poehler quote which was new to me.
    This morning I went on a field trip to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts with my 7 year old first grader. Could I be on a VP track at my company? Absolutely. Would I be willing to miss out on these field trips with my kids? Absolutely not. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten way more zen and my feelings of jealousy have all but disappeared. Each day I wake up and am grateful for my many blessings- love, family, good health, job I (mostly) enjoy, work-life balance, living in my “liberal bubble” etc. etc. etc. :)

  5. Thanks for mentioning the book on Lithuanian Mittens. I visited Lithuania not too long ago with my Lithuanian mother and two aunts. We bought a lot of mittens and socks–all handmade and exquisite. In many aspects, Lithuania is still Old World in the best sense of the word.

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