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I’m so happy it’s Friday, you guys. It’s been about a month since I had an actual day off, and I intend to be wildly lazy this weekend — me and my blue sweater might never leave the couch! If you’ve got some time to kill or fill, I offer you these gems:

– File under Heroes: The sock queen of Alabama (via)

– Here’s a woman taking a very academic approach to Morse Code knitting. (Me, I just did it to be goofy. But hey, it made it onto the telly!) (via)

– Frequent Fringe collaborator Jen Hewett on teaching her craft to others — can’t wait to listen to this

– How have I not known about Tender Buttons?

– Sashiko: history and how-to

– Nice overview of the spinning process, from fleece to drop spindle

– “The first tailor exclusively for women in the history of Savile Row” (via)

– More and more fashion brands moving away from the tyranny of “seasons” (via)

“prêt-a-jeter” is my new favorite term (via)

I also want to say a HUGE thank-you for the amazing response to the new toffee Field Bag. It’s been an incredible week, and I couldn’t be happier that you clearly love this color as much as we do! As always, I’m so thankful for your support of both the blog and the shop — it means everything to me.

Happy weekend!



11 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Enjoy your weekend! Thank you for the great collection of links, as usual. I am going to buy a Field Bag soon, but it will have to be the bright orange one from Purl Soho. :)

  2. Wow, that piece on knitting Morse code is incredible, fascinating, far-reaching. Have to reread slowly. Thanks for including it. Happy lazy weekend!

  3. This button shop is extraordinary. And I am so happy fashion is starting to slow its frantic pace. I wish they would show collections only a few weeks before the actual season, rather than six or seven months earlier. By the time the season gets there, you have seen the looks so many times that you stop caring. Or maybe it is a good thing, that we stop caring so much and focus on style rather than fashion. Enjoy your time off.

  4. I love going through the links while I enjoy my first cup of coffee of the day. Inspiring and illuminating! Today, especially, I’m loving the “Out for a Spin” post. I have succumbed to spinning.

  5. Haha, it was a surprise to come here from my RSS reader and see the back of my own neck! Thanks for sharing my article :)

  6. That was great……..loved the one re the gal who started her own tailoring business! ‘Cuff you’, what a great statement!!!

  7. How did you not know about tender buttons? It had a Chicago location as well but it closed years ago. And the article leaves out the best part – that’s it’s named after a Gertrude stein quote about Alice b. Toklas. The ‘buttons’ in question are her nipples

  8. Hi Karen!

    I found a board on Pinterest that I think you will love for inspiration! “Stylin Threads”… in my mind it is YOU!

    Take a peek!


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