A sampling of Annas

A sampling of Annas

This little Anna Vest Knitalong has been just as low-key and casual as advertised, and I’m loving seeing some finished or nearly finished vests appearing on the interwebs. You can see them on Instagram under #annavestkal, and there are a few on Ravelry as well. But I also wanted to highlight some here:

TOP: Rebecca Seifert (@ascending.rain) captured her WIP at such a great moment of evolution — one armhole finished, and the band pinned in place to check the length.

MIDDLE: Ding Ren (@halfcrystalline) opted to knit a version of the vintage waistcoat pattern that inspired my Anna pattern, modified for a seamed-on band, and I love her choice of charcoal grey.

BOTTOM: Anna Dianich (@toltyarnandwool), for whom the pattern is named, put a shawl collar on hers!

The Tuesday Morning Stitch Circle at Tolt also all knitted Anna together, and this photo of them in their finished vests made my heart go all puddly. I especially love those contrast pocket linings.

I’ve answered several questions about button-band seaming along the way, and it’s been my intention to do a blog  post about it when I’m seaming my own band — it’s just taking me longer to get there than expected! As noted, I don’t have enough yarn to finish, and I also interrupted it briefly for the blue thing … but I finished the principal knitting of ol’ blue last night and have more black Terra on the way for my Anna, so I’ll be picking up where I left off posthaste. My pieces are all blocked and will be seamed this weekend, so with any luck I’ll have a seamed button-band tutorial for you next week!

Meanwhile, it’s never too late to cast on! Just use hashtag #annavestkal wherever/whenever.


PREVIOUSLY in the Anna Vest Knitalong: How to make it match

18 thoughts on “A sampling of Annas

  1. all so lovely! Timely post as I just sent an email off to you last night. I’m working up the button band and have a conundrum… started with sz 5 needles and the band was 1.5″ wide but schematic shows a 1″ width for the band so I went down to 4 and then 3 and for some reason, my width stays at 1.5″ – WHAT? Height varies though… how the heck can this be? Anyway, my question for you is, does the shematic measurement of the band allow for the seaming? I’m thinking this won’t be a huge deal and will likely stick with my sz 3 needle because I like the fabric it’s creating but, thought I’d check out here for some feedback and advice.
    Muchas, muchas gracias!

    • Sounds like your row gauge is more affected by different needle sizes than your stitch gauge. Definitely go with whichever one gives you a nice firm fabric you feel good about. You will lose 1 stitch at the edge to the seam, but it’s not a big deal if your band is a little bit wider than the schematic.

  2. I can’t wait to see your blue Loopy Mango sweater… I have been dying to order a Super Cropped kit in the bright green since I saw your impulse knit entry.

  3. I am starting neck decreases on right side and am so excited. My pieces are beautiful I think. This is great for me. I am a slow knitter and a process knitter. For me to maintain focus on something for myself is unbelievable. You inspired me!😊

  4. Thanks for featuring my vest Karen! I am excited with the way it came out too–thanks for all your guidance and inspiration! Now for the buttons, which I am being super picky about. Current plan is to go thrifting to hunt down a menswear cardigan or boy’s uniform cardigan that I could transplant the buttons from. It wouldn’t matter what size the sweater is since it would only be for the buttons.

  5. Help! Every time I follow the link to try to purchase the book to get the vest pattern, it says ‘pre-order’ and I can’t order the book. I wonder what I’m doing wrong…

  6. Thanks for sharing my photo! I’m excited to finish up my vest soon and start wearing it. This knit-along is fun – it’s great to see everyone’s photos! :-)

  7. I love the vest, but it is the only pattern in the book I would like to purchase. The price of the book is a little too much for my very fixed and limited income. Is there a chance this pattern may be sold separately in the future? Thank you.

  8. I love the vest pattern but the book is a little pricey for my fixed income. Is there a chance that this pattern will become available separately in the future? Thank you.

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