Impulse knitting

Impulse knitting

The thing about the big knitting conventions is they’re basically dens of iniquity. There you are, a little woozy from the florescent lights and sensory deprivation, unfairly surrounded by temptations. And enablers. Did I mention the enablers? You basically don’t stand a chance.

At Stitches South this weekend (RIP apparently, btw), I was very good about not shopping. Even in the predictable slowness of Sunday afternoon, I didn’t do the customary rounds. However, there was no avoiding walking up and down our own aisle, as the bathrooms were at one end and the dock doors at the other — not to mention good friends scattered up and down the aisle. Plus I was there with no knitting.

I’ve all but run out of yarn for my Anna vest (after frog-knitting the button band), and although it’s blocked and ready to assemble, seaming isn’t really a suitable activity while manning a booth. Neither of my HIPs (that’s hats-in-progress, y’all) was suitable booth knitting either. And across from my friends in the Craft South booth, at the dock end of our aisle, sat the charming ladies of Loopy Mango, looking utterly adorable in their gooshy, brightly colored, superbulky knitwear. Plus after I’d sweated it out through setup days, preview night, and public day one, Saturday morning presented us with the customary arctic convention-hall climate, and I was still dressed for sweating. So let’s review:

  1. I had no knitting.
  2. I was cold.
  3. Those Loopy Mango ladies were darling.

So I walked to the other end of the aisle. I pulled on the baby-blue chunky cropped pullover I’d been eyeing (so soft, so warm), and I walked back down the aisle to get Rebekka and DG’s opinions on it. I’m not making this up: As I walked, heads turned. Mouths formed Oooh shapes. Strangers told me how adorable I looked. Upon my arrival back at our booth, Rebekka’s jaw literally fell open. Then DG made a puckered face I thought was leading to the “huh uh” that I would take as gospel, but instead he nodded gently and said, “Yeah, you can have that.”

Ergo, I bought a kit.

27 thoughts on “Impulse knitting

  1. WoW! just looked that cropped sweater up…. if you’re going to be impulsive, go big or go home! nice work!

  2. I can’t get over it. In the past, super bulky knits did not wow me; and, I couldn’t get a good rhythm going with those huge needles. The latest up to date offerings of superbulk, however, fascinate me. I. Kind. Of. Like. It. I wonder how the blankets feel. Ate they soft? Are they heavy?
    Hope you enjoy working on your sweater kit. The color is lovely, too. Have fun!

  3. That blue is gorgeous. I am really drawn to periwinkle this spring.

    No more Stitches South?? I am moving to TN in August and I was really looking forward to finally being somewhat close to a Stitches event. Ugh!

  4. Great spring color! I have those needles in size 35. You barely cast on and then you are done casting off:)

  5. I assume you went with the baby blue? If so, I think it’ll go great with your wardrobe. Actually most of the colours would probably be good. Also, if you hadn’t bought anything, we wouldn’t have believed you were a human knitter. Plus, gotta support our fellow makers!

  6. I tend to be a very undisciplined knitter ie a tricky bit or a long plain part, I lose interest and hence nothing finished. So I have been thinking about BIG wool. Bought needles from Loopy Mango and waiting for the BIG wool from Manoush!

  7. Supercute on you. HURRY UP N FINISH. I mean, if you haven’t already. Kay knit a baby blanket in a day with her Camellia creamsicle.

    • No, I hate it! If it weren’t for the knowledge that it will be over quickly and I’ll be left with the sweater, I would no doubt cast it aside.

  8. I love it – a den of iniquity filled with enablers. Exactly right, and it sounds heavenly. :-) As for the sweater – what fun! Can’t wait to see the finished product. However, how did you only buy that one kit???? You are a rock. :-)

  9. I can barely leave Walmart without buying a skein of Lion Brand Thick and Quick for a cowl. I’d have no self control.

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