Q for You: Did you make 2016 resolutions?

Q for You: What are your 2016 maker resolutions?

I’ve come back from vacation with a sinus infection, a dead laptop, and multiple overflowing email inboxes — plus I’m one sleeve short of where I wanted to be by the end of our road trip — so I feel like I’m starting off the year already desperately behind! But I have a little Q for You today about your 2016—

I mentioned during the 2015 recap that I’m not setting any specific goals for this year where my knitting and sewing are concerned — but I do intend to carry on with last year’s goal to simply make good choices. Not to cast on or cut into anything without asking myself Will I wear this garment? How does it fit into my wardrobe and lifestyle? Does it fill a gap or is it redundant to things I already have? That sort of thing. But I always love hearing about the goals and challenges you’ve all signed up for or set for yourselves, so that’s my Q today: What are your 2016 maker resolutions?


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  1. I want to learn to sew garments, starting with a dress. I also want to have more discretion when shopping for clothes- I just cleaned out my closet and got rid of so many things I had bought on impulse and only worn once or twice!

  2. My goal is to knit more sweaters this year. I’m about halfway done on my first one of the year. I also want to learn steeking so I can make a beautiful color work cardigan.

    Hope you feel better soon!

    • I want to knit more sweaters, too! I want to be able to improvise sweaters and get better at creating my own designs.

  3. I have two goals for my knitting this year. The first is to choose projects which will help me advance my knitting skills; to learn something new with each one. The second is inspired by you Karen. To choose my projects according to the needs of my wardrobe. To stop making sweaters just because I like them. I have so many sweaters that I loved the yarn, but ended up not wearing the FO. Usually because it is just not practical for my lifestyle.

  4. I am studying tapestry weaving with Rebecca Mezoff, and my resolution is to weave my own designs and pictures. I’d also like to reawaken my long dormant sewing skills. And of course I’m knitting always.

  5. I am hoping to begin to document my work, learn blogging and social media, and learn to keep my sewing and knitting things tidy so I can work more efficiently!

  6. Chiming in with putting a stop to making things I won’t wear. I need to destash urgently. A lot of yarn in the stash has been around too long, often because I don’t like the color or fiber. So I intend to match them to the tastes of suitable recipients and make more gift items this year. My needs are more or less covered.

  7. My knitting goal for the year is to make more sweaters and to use up my stash. I’ve designated all my yarn to specific projects, so now I just have to start knitting. But, first I am knitting a hat and cowl. The sweaters will be for next winter anyway. So I’m not yet rushed to start. My goal for next month is to knit my first top down sweater. I just cannot find a pattern that even comes close to what I want. So I’ll be making just it up as I go.
    I’ve hardly knit anything in the last few years due to poor health during my pregnancies. But I am now done having children, just in time to start a new year with some heavenly yarns.

  8. I can agree with the others. Make items that fit my lifestyle and get rid of old yarn and patterns that I don’t seem to ever use. It’s a guilt thing seeing the money I’ve wasted. I also want to figure out fitting so the things I sew and knit fit. But they say general resolutions don’t work. That you have to be specific on the steps you need to do to get there and not just wish. I need to figure that part out.

  9. I love sewing sweaters, and wear almost all of them. My goal this year is to knit one hat every other month, so I have six hats this year for Christmas at at Sea.

  10. I’m carrying over my items from 2015 since I didn’t get around to them- try serious intarsia and brioche. New for 2016- try arm knitting! And I must try to at least make a dent in my stash and finish a languishing pile of UFOs. Not resolutions, just aspirations.

  11. I want to make more items that I will really wear, mostly sweaters, but also I want to use up my stash of beautiful yarn, much of which is sock yarn. Figure out what to do with it – I like making socks but have never liked wearing hand-made socks, so it’s a dilemma. Maybe if I get better at it? I also plan to make more hats for Christmas at Sea. I’d like to gift more items but I’m never sure if the recipients like them. Any ideas?

    • Sock yarn makes great hats – held single or double. Look on Brooklyn Tweed for hats in Loft. If your sock yarns look good together you might have enough for a striped sleeveless sweater?

      • Sock yarn is also great for small shawls, cowls, and baby sweaters. Great for gifts! You might also consider listing them in your stash in Ravelry as “for trade or sale.” Maybe you can trade yarn several skeins of sock yarn for a sweater’s worth of a different weight, or by selling some skeins make enough money to buy yarn for a sweater.

    • Look at the pattern Relax. Kay Gardner has made it out of Tosh Light and you could substitute sock yarn. Even do one of Karen’s top down sweaters. Any yarn works. It’s all about gauge. It will just take longer.

      • Thanks Francis for your reply! I searched Revelry for the Relax pattern you mentioned but there are a few – which one did you mean?

  12. I need to brush up on my sewing skills in anticipation of new skirts. Most of the 4 oz. and under bits of handspun have been knitted up into hats, mitts and cowls. Stash busting feels good and now I’m ready to knit some fitted sweaters. Spinning during the day and knitting at night.
    January colds are horrible… feel better!!

  13. I have about eight resolutions that include learning how to spin using a drop spindle, finish some longstanding WIPS, try that first steek and find a real balance between all my various crafty interests. And like so many here, think more thoughtfully about my projects and make the most of my stash and time.

  14. I am a fairly accomplished knitter (in that I can knit what I want, how I want, and I actually wear them). However, I am a little afraid of sewing on my machine. I love to hand sew, but wow, is that slow. I want to get better at sewing on my machine and to start using my serger (I haven’t touched it!!). Also, more mending and less discarding, especially socks and jeans!

  15. For this year, I want to spend time on things I will wear – not things I should wear. I knit a fabulous sweater (in terms of expense and time and skill) that I love to look at but am reluctant to wear. I sewed several items that fell some short in skill and desire to wear. While I had many successes, I, too, feel the pull to consider creating and wearing things that live in my real life – not my idea of life – and not in somebody else’s life.

    I want to work on creating those things mostly from my stash (not all – I’ve already got my eyes on another sweater with new yarn!) – and with the tools I already have. I want next year at this time to feel I have advanced my skills, lessened my stash, and moved in the direction of living in and loving my wardrobe.

  16. My resolution is “Quality over quantity.” I plan to make 4 or 5 really beautiful sweaters with georgeous fine couture details. I am finishing up the first one this week so am well on my way.

  17. 2016 and Yarn: I’m continuing a practice I began a bit ago – when the deep urge to buy yarn strikes (as it often does), I must go to my stash first and see if I already have what I’m yearning for. Since I make hats to sell, its easy enough to think I must have the next gorgeous, handdyed color that comes along from my favorite yarn shops. I want to finish several WIPs by summer – socks, two sweet small shawls. I want to get caught up with the Hat-a-longs for gifts. (I’m two behind now.) 2016 Sewing: If I can find well-made denim shirts at the local thrift store and I want to re-make them my way.

  18. I do make resolutions/goals for the year, but I take my time about coming up with them and generally have them settled by the end of January. I’ve gotten to a point where I’m very happy with my wardrobe, so I’m focusing my making this year IDing items that will need replacing and doing it before they’re unwearable.

  19. I really want to knit more from my stash and I’d like to make at least 3 sweaters for myself this year. I started sewing again in 2015 with a wonderful instructor and I love wearing the clothes I’ve sewed. I’d like to make the Grainline Duffel Coat this year, a couple of silk blouses and a comfortable cotton/silk summer dress that can also be worn at work.

  20. This one is easy as I just learned to knit in December and am completely hooked! My sewing is crying for attention but my hands can’t stop those needles from clicking away. While I want to sew more linen garments as I’ve found out how much I love linen last year, I want to learn to knit socks, a vest (perhaps yours!), a cardigan and learn fair isle. I think I am probably over reaching but why not? Knitting is now in my dna!
    PS love your style and all the Fringe stuff!

  21. I’ve recently had a major lifestyle change (farm -> town) and am starting practically from scratch with my wardrobe. It’s a fun place to be, although at the moment a bit challenging to get dressed in the morning. I want to build my new wardrobe thoughtfully and ethically through a combination of knitting or sewing items with carefully chosen materials, thrifting when it makes sense, and purchasing well-made items from conscientious makers. I’ll be going back over the Slow Fashion October posts for inspiration and sources. And I’ll need to revive my sewing skills. It feels good to know I’ll be honing qualities of character like decision making, craftsmanship, and responsibility at the same time as I build my wardrobe. First up – as soon as I finish the socks on my needles – is a Docklight.

  22. My resolution is to not buy any new clothes this year. This will be tough (I’ll need to unsubscribe from J. Crew and Madewell so I’m not too tempted by those sales!) but I’m really excited about it. My plan is to buy only secondhand clothing and/or make it by hand. I expect this will lead to improved knitting and sewing skills and will perhaps also have the side benefit of saving me money. Happy new year, everyone!

  23. First was not to join any more mystery MKALS – and I’ve joined three. (So not so good on that.)

    Second is to knit a sweater – and I joined the Evelyn KAL, with cast on tonight so doing good on this.

    Three, to get back to doing some sewing. Haven’t started as yet, but my thoughts are there!

  24. Hi Karen,
    Thank you for your awesome blog…

    My resolutions are plentyful! This year I’d like to:
    1. Learn to knit top down sweaters.
    2. Really start using Ravelry (to buy patterns and to share notes).
    3. Start creating and appreciating local yarn (I live in South Africa).
    4. Finish my book on South African yarn.
    5. Knit more for my own closet.

  25. I am a prolific knitter and give away a lot of knitting. I have never kept track? This year I am going to knit more for myself. Important classics that I will wear! No more Alpaca- I live in San Diego and rarely can wear my favorite fabric. Real knits I need, is what I hope to accomplish. Then, I plan to document what I have knit. I bought a notebook. I have completed three things this year. The patterns go into a page protector in the notebook with the completion date. Now I will be able to see a body of my work next January! I hope I follow through!

  26. I don’t really do resolutions or even goals. I just keep on keepin’ on, as they say. I always try to present my best work, make good decisions and be as healthy and creative as I can be. That’s not new on January 1!

  27. My life theme for the year is “mise en place” so to apply that to my knitting and sewing: setting up my work space to be organized and effective (hello, proper lighting!), using up stash, giving away excess that I can’t use. I feel good about my knitting but I have been in a major sewing slump going on three years. Setting up an inexpensive, supportive and functional sewing space is a priority. And then gently fanning my little sewjo flame!

  28. I have so many! (1) Learn to knit continental; (2) learn to knit fair isle holding two yarns at once (3) sew more (4) learn to hand quilt are at the top of my list.

  29. Last year I decided to have some new craft goals – no more trying to break bad habit type resolutions. (Honestly, I’ll never get rid of that yarn stash!!)
    1. Host a Stowe Bag Making party with knitting group. To use up my stash fabrics – I am supplying the fabric!!
    2. Learn how to take better pics of my FOs.
    3. Learn to steek
    4. Try something new on every knitting project – i.e. new BO method, steeking the KAL Cowichan vest, intarsia, etc.
    5. Sew tunic No.2 100 Acts Of Sewing
    6. And everything Caitlin just posted above ♡

  30. I am trying to be kinder to myself in 2016 and not set any goals for myself that I really can’t attain.
    I’m trying to make a dent in my stash (it is huge) so I guess my resolution would be to knit down my stash a little but of course I am weak and have to bring home additional yarn that I can’t resist.
    Ah well, we are all human and knitting is supposed to be good for us.

  31. I’ve made a lot of different things : handspun, handknit, hand sewn, etc … and working full time & juggling my creative self has become difficult. So, my goal is simply to MAKE each day, and hold myself accountable by documenting it on instagram.

  32. Continue my stash reduction plan started last spring. I have between 4 and 5 years supply of yarn, and I is am not buying any until this has gone down significantly (well that’s what I keep telling myself anyway).

  33. At your encouragement I got a Fashionary sketchbook for Christmas and am looking forward to planning my knits more thoughtfully. In fact, on Christmas Day I ripped a sweater that had been languishing to start a new one. In the past I’ve chosen projects to challenge myself- I love learning new construction methods and suchlike. However, I rarely have an opportunity to show them off any more, so I’ve begun to realize my needs have changed. Plus, I like to wear pullovers and especially turtlenecks in the winter (I can hardly believe it myself), so it will be a rare cardigan for me. I’ve also started using the stash more and buying only what I will start right away (which ends up being mostly stuff for accessories, since they go so quickly). Don’t know if I will get back to sewing this year…I guess time will tell.
    Let me just say THANKS again for all your discussions around mindful making and wardrobe planning, even discussing old knits that do t work anymore or whatnot. It has so helped me come to realize things in many aspects of my life that have changed or need to and that it’s totally ok to reevaluate as needed. Hope you have a wonderful year!

  34. Thanks for asking ! I did made some resolutions for 2016, but small ones, and at least a bit wise : what i want is trying to focus more on a very few projects, on a monthly basis. This way i hope the duo make / finish work better !
    I’m sharing about that here on my blog http://woollydream.blogspot.fr/2016/01/woolly-dreaming-woolly-planning-welcome.html or here on instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BAJyrg6FGJd/?taken-by=fromcinthia
    And i’m starting to tag the projects i’m focusing on each month with #mymonthlywoollyjourney !
    If anyone is sharing this kind of focusing goal and thinks that this monthly schedule could work, feel free to share with that tag also ! it could be great moving forward together !

  35. I’m trying to stop letting fear hold me back from trying things. I started avoiding patterns because of set-in sleeves or short rows (I’d always have a little hole) but now I’m just learning to try it and stop being intimidated by it all. I’d love to finally see if I can get a grasp on colorwork this year too.

  36. Goals instead, mainly to be able to make a sweater
    1. Make BELLOWS for ME! Cant wait to start- need suggestions on economical yarn for first try ( haven’t had great success w/ sweaters)

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