Gone knittin’

Gone knittin'

By the time you’re reading this, I’ll be on a boat somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean, out of sight of any land, knitting away on Bob’s sweater while my loved ones do some deep-sea fishing. Bob and I escaped to Florida a few days ago for a little R&R and today is our last day. It was not my intention to only blog three times this week, but it turns out my brain REALLY wanted to be on vacation! Sorry about that. But I’ve been making great progress on this sweater. There’s really nothing for knitting productivity like a good road trip, amirite? (I promise to do a post with complete details when I’m done with it, but there’s no pattern — I’m improvising it — and the yarn is O-Wool Balance in Emerald.)

The other thing I’ve been enjoying this week is the #loop2loop hashtag on Instagram (the latest wave of #howiknit, sparked by a post from Kristine). Although it’s often impossible to tell what people are actually doing because they’re going too fast, it is utterly fascinating to me how many billions of ways there are to pick up two needles and a piece of yarn and proceed to make knitted fabric. Did you know there’s such a thing as continental throwers?! Amazing. If you have nothing to do this weekend, pull up that feed and start watching. You’ll be agape for hours …

In shop news, the Bento Bags have been restocked — caramel linen is back! — and DG is at Fringe Supply Co. headquarters shipping as speedily as ever!

I hope you’ve had a great week — I promise to be a more dedicated blogger when I get home …

18 thoughts on “Gone knittin’

  1. Deeply grateful for the visual nudge towards the 1898 hat by the Seaman’s Church Institute. I wish I could post a photo here. It will be one of our practical, warm, comfy standbys from now on. enjoy your sail.

  2. Sometimes, you just need a knitting break. I’ve been browsing that hashtag too. It is fun to waste a few hours watching how differently we all knit.

  3. Enjoy a well-deserved break! You are beyond talented…I can’t imagine “winging it” and making up the directions as I knit…pretty amazing! Love the color, by the way! Happy relaxing…happy knitting…and safe travels!

  4. The videos have been such an encouragement to me!! I’m self taught with knitting so it has been fun to see how pattern designers I admire knit!!

  5. Thanks for sharing this picture! I just realised that it is possible to knit a sleeve top down without turning the sweater around all the time!

  6. Hi Karen!

    May I ask, are you knitting the sleeves on the sweater back and forth to avoid double needles or is that how the pattern goes? I feels all thumbs trying to knit a sleeve on 11 needles with only 30 stitches but it does avoid sewing seams.

  7. As much as I lovelovelove your blog, please do not ever apologize for not doing it whist on vacation! Seriously, no worries from loyal readers. Breaks are important. Enjoy!

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