Next of the Best of Pre-Fall 2016: Elizabeth and James

Next of the Best Knits of Pre-Fall 2016

I have to tell you, what really stands out about the Pre-Fall 2016 collections is the outerwear. I mean, incredible incredible coats and jackets everywhere you look. I’m particularly taken with this and this and this and the countless gorgeous iterations of the bomber jacket showing up in nearly every collection. But let’s talk about these Elizabeth and James knits! I have a hunch those two photos up top are the same sweater, worn forwards and backwards. I’m guessing the idea is you could actually tie that waist strap as a belt over the flap, but I can understand why whoever styled the shoot left them dangling. Either way, pretty great. Obviously I’m gonna love the slouchy sweater over slinky skirt look below, especially with those super ’80s shoes. And I also like this little boxy sweater with the wedge slipped into the side seams. Check out the full collection for more.

Next of the Best Knits of Pre-Fall 2016

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10 thoughts on “Next of the Best of Pre-Fall 2016: Elizabeth and James

  1. I’ve liked things in the Elizabeth & James collection, and I like using these images as inspiration. Not to be a killjoy, but the last time I checked the labels, they manufactured their clothing in China. I think we’ve all been working to be conscious of where our clothes are made, and the recent landslide in the Shenzhen district (where so much manufacturing takes place) serves as another reminder to remain aware.

  2. Good grief with the models – what an unhappy collection. I do like the unstructured sweaters though. With pencil skirt or slim pants I think they would be great.

  3. I love these Sweaters! I wouldn’t call them sloppy… Casual is a better word in my opinion. What does flattering even mean? Not a fan of that word. It invokes “dressing for your bodytype” and other shitty womens magazine propaganda. I’d much rather dress casual in something luxurious (all of these sweaters are…) and feel perfectly awesome messy hair and all. You can keep the shoes though :P

    • TOTALLY agree!! I have never been more confident, personal style wise, since I threw “flattering” out the window! Love the styling of this collection.

  4. Much to love here. The palette, and the sweater shapes and fabric (in the case of the gray one). And that gusset is a lovely detail to steal. Thanks for these posts, they always spark ideas.

  5. Love these looks. If there were a pattern available for any of these I’d purchase it immediately. I’m not one to be able to look and come up with the details good enough yet.

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