First of the Best of Pre-Fall 2016: Fresh turtlenecks

First of the Best of Pre-Fall 2016: Fresh turtlenecks

Very simple turtleneck sweaters have been hanging on for several seasons now (to my delight) and I’m loving these vaguely Mary Tyler Moore-ish takes from Pre-Fall 2016. Up top is a black short-sleeved jumpsuit from ZAC by Zac Posen (click through to see it in full length) that wouldn’t be nearly as fantastic were it not layered over a thin, high, ribbed turtleneck. Whether that’s sleeveless, short-sleeve or a dickie, we don’t know, but this combo is amazing — especially with those aforementioned combat boots and the giant brooch. And then we have TSE’s tomato red sweater that falls somewhere between a sleeveless turtleneck and a poncho, with a tinge of the early ’70s about it that keeps that mock turtleneck from feeling too ’80s. It’s sort of a slouchier, stockinette cousin to Pam Allen’s Danforth, which I’m reminded I keep meaning to knit.

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  1. Wow I love that red vest. So construction wise, do you guys think its pretty much just a straight shot from hem to shoulder? Pick up and add ribbing, then seam sides?

    • Thanks for referencing the Gale poncho. Checked it out and it went straight into my favorites!

  2. I have a tomato red sweater from Tse that I’ve had so long it has become my pajama sweater. It is dense and lux from so many machine washings. I darned a big hole in the elbow just yesterday, with raspberry Shibui Silk Cloud. Sounds ridiculous, I know, but I love it. This eye-popping red is everywhere lately. Everlane is featuring it too.

    FWIW, the red poncho top is a lot like Shellie Anderson’s Trace without the sleeves, and with a higher neck and wider edges. The weight, drape and construction are very similar.

  3. I’m a big fan of turtlenecks, and I love the layer-ability of them here. I, too, am thinking Gale is a good choice; however, it will have to wait. I have one too many things in the queue before it. But it could be so fast, eh?

  4. Sometimes I think jumpsuits look ok on rail-thin folks, but honestly I can’t get on board with a piece of clothing that requires me to fully undress to go to the bathroom. I like looking nice, but I draw the line at letting my clothing impede my comfort.

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