New Favorites: Mega blankets

New Favorites: Mega blankets

There’s something so incredibly irresistible about a massive mound of wool to curl up under, isn’t there? (Especially, for some reason, when it’s pictured in a completely impractical shade of white.) I’m currently dreaming of these two beauties:

TOP: Koselig Blanket by Wool and the Gang is knitted on US50 needles in herringbone stitch, with the perfect fringe (also available as a kit)

BOTTOM: Falling Bobbles Blanket by Purl Soho is knitted on US15 needles and sprinkled with giant bobbles (free pattern)


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7 thoughts on “New Favorites: Mega blankets

  1. I am always drawn to the impractical white blankets, but it is just not going to happen with a dark colored cat, a very messy toddler, and my second child due to be born next week.
    I strongly desire to knit a cozy blanket, but it will have to wait a while as my list of knitting projects grows faster than I could possibly knit.

  2. I strongly encourage anyone to knit a cuddly blanket. Yes it takes time (although not so much with extra bulky yarn) but it is such a beautiful accessory for the home. And so warm and comfy in winter. The best thing to do is to start now and see your blanket grow as the days get cooler and the nights longer. And in the heart of winter, you will have your lovely warm blanket to snuggle under. Mine is cream with stripes of light greys and browns (neutral version of the Bay blanket by Purl Bee), and even with two kids ( not toddlers anymore though), still spotless.

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  4. I’ve started Falling Bobbles, but I’m using a cream colored Wool-Ease instead of the (I’m sure wonderful but) extremely expensive yarn Purl Soho made it with. It’s for my mother-in-law, who lives in a memory care facility, and it will need to be washed.

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