Introducing the Stowe Bag — our first sewing pattern!

Fringe Supply Co. x Grainline Studio = Stowe Bag sewing pattern

Remember that bag I sewed in May and couldn’t tell you about? And then the ones that showed up in my Gallery Dress post, which I also couldn’t tell you about? Well, I can finally tell you: Today marks the debut of Fringe’s very first sewing pattern — the Stowe Bag, in collaboration with Grainline Studio! You can tell how excited I am about this by the number of photos I’m including here.

Some of you will remember the little project bag that Fringe Supply Co. first launched with in the winter of 2012. It was modeled after the ubiquitous plastic bag, with its fold-flat design and handy handles, but made in sturdy canvas and ticking and with lots of useful pockets. I had a small run of them made, but the design proved to be problematic for production, so that’s all there ever were. Still lamenting its demise, in the summer of 2014 I got in touch with the supremely talented Jen Beeman of Grainline and asked if she’d like to collaborate on a sewing pattern, and thankfully she said yes! Because we’re both so busy and wanted this to be a fun project rather than a stressful one, we’ve taken our time bringing it to you, but it’s finally here. While staying true to the original, Jen tweaked the construction to make it suitable for home sewers and also scaled it up for a larger version, both of which are included in the pattern. As much as I love the original size, I am crazy for the big bag and use my canvas one all the time — mainly for travel and for hauling a load of stuff to sewing classes and such, but I’m also making a pocketless linen one to be my errand-running bag.

We’ve labeled Stowe an advanced-beginner sewing pattern only because of the bias edging — if you’ve never worked with bias tape before, this is actually a great project with which to learn. And because I know some of you will ask: This is a sewing pattern only; the bag is not available as finished goods. (We have lots of great bag options in the shop!)

You can order the printed paper pattern today at Fringe Supply Co., and it’s also available at yarn and fabric stores all over — so look for it wherever you buy Grainline patterns. There’s also a digital download version available through Grainline Studio.

I can’t wait to see what you sew!

Fringe Supply Co. x Grainline Studio = Stowe Bag sewing pattern

Photos by Kathy Cadigan

34 thoughts on “Introducing the Stowe Bag — our first sewing pattern!

  1. Oh goody goody goody. Plan on sewing up a whole FLEET of these.
    (That resounding *THUD* from West of you was this pattern hitting my cart early this morning.)

  2. Such a beautiful pattern! I’ve been coveting one of these bags for what feels like forever, thank you for releasing it out into the world.

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  4. Love the bag. Ordered the pattern. Working on the bag and stumped on step 10. Has anyone made the bag that could help me through this wrinkle? Step 13 is looking intimidating too. Would appreciate any and all advice. Thank you

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  6. Loved the sample in the shop! Bought pattern and fabric for 2 bags. I have the first one all done, except for the gusset. Steps 13-15 aren’t making sense to me. Thanks for any assistance.

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  8. The bag is handy, simple and nice. I would like to know how to make one for myself. Thanks.

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