New Favorites: Crazy good colorwork

New Favorites: Crazy good colorwork

Seems like every time I’m writing about Marie Wallin, it’s her colorwork. And almost every time I’m writing about colorwork it’s Marie Wallin. All my favorite things lately seem to be colorwork (including Julie Hoover’s Ashland from BT Fall ’15), so I better hurry up and get more comfortable knitting it. I want a fully stranded sweater, and right now I want it to be Sleet by Marie Wallin, above. I don’t want it to be alpaca and mohair, mind you, but the patterning and the shape of this are slaying me right now. I even want it in those exact colors. (I mean: Duck Egg, Steel, Clay, Pearl, Ancient, Drab, Carbon and Anthracite? Come on!) Bought the pattern the instant I saw it.

I’m also immensely smitten with this month’s free Rowan download, more amazing Marie Wallin colorwork, which is Jura, below. Exquisite.

New Favorites: Crazy good colorwork

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  1. Here is some unsolicited advice for anyone who needs it. Colorwork gauge is often different than for a single color. At least for me. I need to work color stranded sections with a needle a half size bigger. So don’t forget to swatch the two separately! Another thing I wish I had known about is color dominance. But you already discussed that in previous posts.

    As always I am looking forward to seeing what you make Karen!

  2. I’m curious what kind of yarn you would use for Sleet. I love the colors too but ripping back the kidhaze sounds like torture.

  3. Colorwork is addictive. Watch out when you fall for authentic Fair Isle: the shetland fingering yarns from Jamieson’s of Scotland and Jamieson & Smith will make your stash turn into a yarn paintbox!
    Sleet is lovely, Karen. Takes a lot of courage to knit stranded work flat. (Can’t recall who said that flat is the “f” word in colorwork!) Or will you convert it to in the round?

  4. Hey Ya’ll

    I was wondering what every one thought about knitting “sleet” in something like Green Mountain Spinnery’s Alpaca Elegance? I was trying to come up with something that doesn’t have the the mohair as an added strand. My first choice is Mountain Mohair. I thought it would give the same look. I saw “Sleet” on Monday and couldn’t get it out of my head then…Now Brooklyn Tweed has released their line and I’ll never be able to decide..! Happy Knitting. ya’ll!

  5. Ooooh, pretty. Loving the 3/4 sleeves too. Mountain mohair would be a great choice, I think.

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