New here and there

New here and there

A little later this morning, the Brooklyn Tweed fall collection launches — always a fun moment — but this time around the collection also comes with a new yarn from them. So be ready to check that out later on. Also, announced yesterday is a book I’m extremely excited about. My pal Anna Dianich of Tolt Yarn and Wool asked me last spring if I’d be interested in contributing a pattern to a book she was planning, and I couldn’t be more honored to be part of it. It’s called “Farm to Needle: Stories of Wool,” and it tells the stories of five US yarn producers (with incredible photos by my other great pal Kathy Cadigan) along with patterns designed for the yarns from those farms, designed by Dianna Walla, Andrea Rangel, Veronika Jobe, Tif Fussell, Ashley Yousling and Annie Rowden, and me. Preorders start Friday and you can find out more on her Instagram feed.

MEANWHILE, there’s lots of great stuff at Fringe Supply Co. for you today. First of all, my very favorite wool soap is finally available at Fringe! (I’ve waited about two years for this, y’all.) The new Amirisu fall issue is here and it’s fantastic. The knitting patterns — two pullovers, two cardigans, a triangle shawl and two wraps — are so impeccable and wearable. (I also have some involvement in this one, with an essay about why I make my own clothes and about Slow Fashion October.) With the cooling temperatures here, we’ve finally put the beloved balms back up for sale! Both the Little Seed Farm balms for keeping your hands in great condition, and the Etta + Billie balm for immediately smoothing your fingertips when it’s time to pick up your knitting. Plus everyone’s favorite rulers are also back in stock, along with more repair hooks. So hop on over to Fringe Supply Co. and treat yourself!

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  1. Karen, you like the Twig bar soap better than any of the liquid soaks? Also do you use this soap to wash the item after use? OR only as part of blocking? Thanks.

    • Yep, it’s my favorite. I like the liquids fine but I prefer being able to just keep the bar in my blocking tub (as seen in my travel kit pic last week, actually), and I just really like the soap and how it makes my hands feel as well as the knits.

  2. It is pretty amazing what you have managed to accomplish, what with moving more than once and maintaining your blog and business, huge congrats to you, Karen! Looking forward to seeing it all.

    And, a new yarn from BT?! I just made my first project with Shelter and can’t believe how much I like it …. can hardly wait to use it again….and now there will be yet more temptation from them. ;-)

  3. I have the same questions as Lynn. Is the Twig soap no-rinse like Soak and Eucalan? I use those just for blocking and Woolite for washing my knits. I’d love to have one product for everything that’s also a little bit long lasting so that’s my other question- how long does the bar last? Thanks.

    • Yep, see my reply above — and no rinsing required. I use it for everything, and have had the same bar for a couple of years. But I was rationing it for awhile. Either way, it doesn’t take much so it definitely lasts awhile.

  4. Hey Karen, Thanks for carrying all the great things that I wouldn’t be able to find myself,(with out days and days of aimless searching)but absolutely love. Just in case anyone is wondering, the Botanical Butter is just out of this word. My skin gets very dry during the Winter months and this not only gives relief but my hand smell great and they are protected from whatever I’m getting in to. It doesn’t leave your hands greasy and has never left any stains on any knitting I’m doing! The one gets 5 stars. Remember, a little goes a log way. I want to buy a case….anyway, sorry Karen, I was just looking through Ravelry last night and ran across a Pattern I thought you’d like. I don’t recall you mentioning this one so thought I’d pop the information to you, and you can decide. I thought it was a keeper! t’s the Cape Meares Hat by Mer Stevens. Just fell in love. Hope you like it as well. Well must be off the day is moving way to fast for me…Have a good week!

  5. This is my first year knitting and wow, fall is an exciting time! The weather changed where I live in late August and I started to crave more knitting, and then I started to realize that fall in the knitting world is a great time!

    Congrats on your pattern and article, both sound like great projects. I’m looking forward to hearing more about the Tolt book.

    I’m in the airport right now, on my way to Portland, OR for the first time, and am delighting in the Portland theme appearing in both the new BT collection and Amirisu!

  6. I can hardly believe how Brooklyn Tweed manages to hit it out of the park with every new collection. I am totally smitten with this one and can’t wait to try out the newest yarn. Just placed an order to Fringe that included the wool soap and am looking forward to using it. As always, thanks for stocking such great products.

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