New Favorites: Trace

New Favorites: Trace

There’s a LOT to love in Shibui’s FW ’15 collection by Shellie Anderson — this texture-mixed v-neck, that gorgeous scarf, to name but two — but the piece that has me totally wowed is the “simplest” of the bunch: the Trace pullover. At a glance, it’s just a perfectly proportioned, cozy-as-hell pullover, with some appealing ribbed borders for visual interest. A sweater that might be a little bit boring to knit but that you would never want to take off. (I absolutely love the fit of it on this girl.) On closer inspection, though, it’s pretty damn brilliant. The ribbing is picked up along each edge before being seamed together, and whereas the stockinette body is knitted in Baby Alpaca, the ribbing is worked in two entirely different yarns — Cima and Pebble, held double. So rather than the simple contrast of the ribbing and the stockinette, they’re actually different fabrics, with different character and the slightest difference in color, as each of the fibers takes the dye a little bit differently. It’s a total “God is in the details” moment.


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  1. Noooo! I so didn’t want to knit another sweater for a while but this one is definitely going on my to-knit list – I might even be able to make it with yarn from my stash. Love how you described it: “a sweater that might be a little bit boring to knit but that you would never want to take off”. My kind of project, then.

    Your blog is one of my absolute favourites, by the way.

  2. The whole “less-is-more” aesthetic is really working for me, too. Totally agree that simple pieces are a bore to knit sometimes, but those are the same knits I wear out!

  3. I agree, the whole collection is gorgeous. Each collection of Shibui patterns is better than the others. I’m seriously considering attending the Shibui mix party organized by one LYS this month: they plan to show us how to mix the different Shibui yarns and get a real hands-on experience on how the different combinations work. Isn’t that a brilliant idea?

  4. You’re my favorite enabler…ever! This sweater took my breath away the minute I saw it…classic…minimalist…I’ll wear it forever! Now that I absolutely have to have this, can you please find a lot more hours in every day to help me accomplish my growing “must have” list? Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Weirdly, I am about to cast on for this sweater. I have a lot of a discontinued alpaca DK in off-white and was waiting for just the right project for it. I love this whole collection….understated, clean, modern and lovely details. She is a talented designer.

  6. Nodding my head as I read this post! Finally caved in and bought this two days ago, it’s quietly stunning.

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  10. I just finished this sweater and love it!! I made it in two colors and added pockets.

  11. theres a pattern?? where I thought I had looked everywhere…how do I get the pattern PLEEEEESE

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