Road trip knitting

Road trip knitting

We’re in Florida this week* at my sister’s — our last chance for an escape before the holiday madness kicks in. (I work retail, you know.) My goal is to knit the entire pattern version of the chunky sleeveless turtleneck during the course of this week, so I packed up everything I needed, right down to my blocking boards and T-pins, into my blocking tub, and into the car it went. Labor Day was perfection — knitting at the top of the ladder to the upper deck of my brother-in-law’s boat while everyone else fished, the ocean wind blew, and I knitted in pure peace.

I did decide to knit the pattern version in Quince and Co’s Lark, but instead of the crow-and-egret marl of the swatch, I decided on this heathered black color called Sabine, and dear god was that the right decision! Talk about perfection.

*Don’t worry — I’m blogging and DG’s shipping. Field Bags are back, in case you missed it over the weekend.

15 thoughts on “Road trip knitting

  1. Well, I happily packed my Field Bag with me to a long weekend trip to Memphis and completed my rainbow sweater :) I never travel without knitting.

  2. Talk about imbuing a project … every time you wear it, you will be reminded of the ocean and being with your loved ones. Pretty wonderful …

  3. Hi! Just found u on Instagram- followed the link and here I am! Did u post the finished sweater yet? Nice blog 😊

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