Blog Crush: Temple of Knit

Blog Crush: Temple of Knit

I’m going out on the limb again with another very new blog, but I love this one so much I want to offer any and all encouragement with regards to Temple of Knit, by the lovely Swedish knitter known on Ravelry as fiksi. Her real name is Simone, and I do love her for the fact that she’s linked to Fringe Association several times (which is how it came to my attention), but that’s the least of it. It seems everyone in Sweden is born with an innate sense of spare style, and Simone might have gotten even more than her fair share. Her photos are beautiful and we have similar taste in knitwear, so of course the whole things makes me drool. But she’s also published a couple of very simple and perfect patterns so far — the Simple Lines 2.0 scarf and Simple House Slippers (inspired in part by my old Tootsie Toasters shenanigans with Meg) — and hopefully we can all look forward to more of that!


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  1. I’m also very much in love with her! But I believe she’s actually Danish, and currently living in Sweden :-) Love & light

  2. Not too long ago, I made a long vest similar to the ones she’s featured. It was kind of an accident (armscye shaping gone wrong), but I love it! I didn’t think I was a vest person. Turns out, I am a long vest person.

    Her style is restrained and beautiful. I’ve actually drooled over her kimono-in-progress. Thanks so much for sharing her lovely site.

  3. must be something in the water in Sweden! I want to go to Sweden because of the incredible style that I imagine must be all around! Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Its amazing how very satisfying the simple things are! I followed Simone over to her site after a comment she made here. Beautiful! But also, I’ve come to see over and over, that the “simple” designs work because they’re designed and knit well and the yarns used are wonderful. Love love love…

  5. Thank you for the support and all the sweet words Karen! I love this space you have created here (hence all the linkage) and feel immensely lucky to in some way exist in it. Now I can read this every time I feel a bit low. Instant pick me up!
    – Simone

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