New Favorites: the WATG x Raeburn beanies

New Favorites: the WATG x Raeburn beanies

I love a pleasant surprise. As previously noted when the collection first walked the runway, I really like the pieces Wool and the Gang designed for Christopher Raeburn’s Fall 2015 show. My favorite was the giant beanie, especially for the way the mixed yarns mimicked that incredible bouclé tweed fabric used for the coat it was worn with. Well, the knit kits have just hit the WATG website, and what I missed when looking at those photos before (or have long since forgotten about) was the solid black version. Seeing it yesterday in white, up top, gave me a whole new appreciation for this hat. But even more than that, I LOVE the way it looks folded up (like, you know), as opposed to the way it was worn on the runway. So now I’m coveting it in white, black and the runway-multi version. It’s not sold as an individual pattern (at least at this time) but the solid kit is called Abyss and the multi-hued version is Atlantis.


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5 thoughts on “New Favorites: the WATG x Raeburn beanies

  1. I am now obsessed with the multicolored Atlantis version. That is the problem with coming to your blog, I’m always finding more things to add to my wishlist or queue!

  2. Reading all your old New Favorites posts while making an Audrey hat has gotten me excited about knitting again! For 2 (3?) years I’ve been dragging my feet on a sport-weight sweater in all-over color patterns for my husband. It turns out I hate knitting colorwork. Now I’m dying to make that Rowan Dwell cardigan in chocolate brown and 17 other things.

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