New Favorites: from Rowan 58

New Favorites: from Rowan 58

There’s one thing and only one thing I love about July — that moment where I can feel the sands almost imperceptibly shifting. We’re far from the floodgates of Fall, but the trickle of comfy-cozy sweater patterns is beginning to begin, with Rowan 58 as a whopping example. This volume of the illustrious British mag-book contains 35 sweater patterns and 5 accessories, but these are the ones I’d buy it for—

TOP: Glacier by Martin Storey — I’m slightly dubious about the neck shaping, but those chain-link cables are to die for

MIDDLE: Alderney Cardigan by Martin Storey — perfectly proportioned and I’m surprisingly into the giant leaf pattern; I want it in black and navy!

BOTTOM LEFT: Anglesey by Marie Wallin — another for the long list of classic stranded Wallin jumpers

BOTTOM RIGHT: Colonsay by Lisa Richardson — boxy plaid jacket that is just plain cool


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10 thoughts on “New Favorites: from Rowan 58

  1. I love the first one Glacier! This is when I start dreaming and planning for fall!!

  2. Glacier looks as if the neckband is knit right into the front and then the shoulders are seamed afterwards … which could explain the awkward fit at the neck. Love the fabric of the crochet jacket, but sure wish I could see what happens in the back. Is it a hood, or just a big wide splayed sailor type collar, or what? Gotta buy the book to find out these sorts of details. Or wait for a Raveler’s project notes.

  3. I totally agree. I love that imperceptible movement of nights drawing in and the promise of firesides on chilly evenings with your needles and nobody trying to make you go and sit outside in the heat!

    BTW…I do hope things are better for you now.

  4. Glacier is beautiful… except for the AWFUL shoulder seams and the ratty neck treatment. It is IMPOSSIBLE to imagine that Martin Storey actually designed this sweater!!!

    For all the tedious cable work, this sweater DESERVES to have Kitchener Stitch joinery on FINISHED edges. The neck ribbing should be added afterwords, too. Where is the support structure offered by the body’s FINISHED neck???

    As a hopeful future knitwear designer, I am sadly disappointed. At least WE know what to do with this sweaters’ shortcomings!

    Karen, how is the packing going? Well I hope!

    MJ, the SKEINdinavian

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