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The only thing harder than Mondays are Mondays following holiday weekends. Hopefully you had a really terrific time this weekend celebrating the 4th with friends and family (if you’re in the US), ate your body weight in hot dogs (no matter where you are), drank a few adult beverages (assuming you’re of adult-beverage age), and right about now you’re in the mood to procrastinate whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing. Well, Elsewhere is here to help!

– Umm, me on the A Playful Day podcast (Disclaimer: I am not very articulate at 8:00 in the morning. Please replace the word “intrinsically” with “implicitly” and make kind allowances for assorted other offenses against the English language. Also I have no idea why I was talking about Cambodia. Still: hopefully worth a little listen.)

#crochetsummer2015 is alive

– What do you get when John Oliver tackles the subject of fast fashion? 17 pretty hilarious minutes (via Liesl)

Meeting a Japanese indigo master

– I feel like at any given time there are at least three people in my IG feed posting pics from Iceland, but @jennytrygg has really been hitting it out of the park (see her hashtag #davidandjennyseeiceland)

– Super fun to stumble across the Yarn Pyramid in a post on sfgirlbybay the other night (in an unattributed photo of Lisa Garcia’s studio)

– And hey, are any of you attending the SSK retreat? We’ll have a Fringe Supply Co. booth in the marketplace on the 18th, a week from Saturday. Pretty sure the market is open to the public, so if you’re in the Nashville area, make a note!


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  1. John Oliver is hilarious. I’m afraid that cheap fashion might not disappear that quickly. I am a mum of two and I confess I do buy cheap clothes for my kids because they are growing so fast they constantly need new stuff, and when you know something will be worn for six months or less, and your budget is tight, you cannot spend a lot on it. But maybe it is a new incentive for me to really learn how to sew.

    • I confess to not having bought a single new thing for my kid yet. We have been blessed with more than enough hand-me-downs, and I recently found the requisite princess dress in a thrift shop. A lot of the hand-me-downs are fast fashion, but at least re-using them doesn’t lead to more production. I also wish I could sew…

  2. John Oliver makes many good points on the corporations culpability but he never addresses the consumer driven side of the issue. We all know it would be a huge help if we just bought less. It would have been nice if he mentioned that. Of course I recognize that he is a television comedian and personality. Still, if he wants to tackle large issues such as this, equal emphasis is needed on both “them” and on “us”.

    • Yeah, I agree — he never quite gets to the point that companies keep making these arrangements because it’s the only way for clothes to be as cheap as we demand they be. Of course, they created that demand in the first place — it’s a vicious cycle. But I do wish he’d done a better job of making the point that as long as we keep insisting clothes be unreasonably cheap, people in other countries will be suffering and even dying in the service of that.

  3. Amen! Would that the West would adopt the old British WWII aphorism: “Make do and mend.”

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