First of the Best of Resort 2016: Tory Burch’s textiles

Best of the Best Knits of Resort 2016: Tory Burch

Tory Burch’s Resort 2016 collection is a bit of an odd mish-mash of girly florals and Southwest-ish motifs, but the high points are so high. Namely, the kachina doll necklace and shoes, and the two textile-riffic outfits above. It’s hard to imagine that vest with the tassels and fringe not winding up as my Best of the Best for this season, but I’m also crazy for the black-and-ivory pullover with that incredible woven skirt.

One of my personal goals for Slow Fashion October is to sew something from fabric woven by my friend Allison, and this gets my mind racing.


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10 thoughts on “First of the Best of Resort 2016: Tory Burch’s textiles

  1. Like the skirt, but I never will get used to the crazy patterning and crashing of tops and bottoms. I’m more inclined to go simply with one or the other, toned down with a neutral garment. Otherwise it looks like I didn’t check the mirror before I left the house.

  2. This sort of raw & textured look is super hot at the moment and it goes well with this decade’s relaxed fits. Checkout Proenza Schouler. Crazy designs (for RTW) but something fascinating about it.

  3. the hand woven fabric by your friend Allison is a dream. hopefully in October it will come true. the fabric is beyond lovely. does she sell by the yard, or a yard?

    • I think it varies but you could definitely get in touch with her and see if she has anything available. And Craft South does have some yardage from her right now, so you should check with them, too.

  4. I like to make my handwoven fabric into backs/fronts of sweaters/jackets with handknit sleeves/collars. The textured look is something I really like. Also appliqueing small pieces of Japanese Boro fabric to knit/woven items. So many choices and ideas out there!!!

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