Free learning!

Free learning!

There’s something else I learned this weekend that I want to pass along, which is that CreativeBug is free for 30 days right now. (This is not in any way a sponsored post. There are none of those here.) CreativeBug and Craftsy are two very deep rabbit holes I’ve so far avoided falling into, but I’ve been especially tempted lately when my friends Jaime and Amber (of Fancy Tiger) have mentioned their latest CreativeBug classes, on both knitting and sewing. During the course of Liesl’s workshop this weekend, she also mentioned several times “by the way, I have a CreativeBug video on [whatever the topic might have been] if you need a refresher,” which really drove home the utility of it. And then one of my classmates mentioned that it’s free right now. Not the “give us your credit card and we’ll start billing you in 30 days” kind of free; the “create a login and start watching all you like” kind of free. There’s a link and code on Liesl’s blog. It looks like the code is good through June 30th and your 30 days start at the time that you use it. (As opposed to its expiring on June 30th. Hope I’m right about that.) And yes, I already fell in. Major binge fest coming up!

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  1. I watched two of her free videos after your post (fabulous post!) yesterday – I did not find the 30 Day offer, but did see the 14 Day offer / and decided to wait til Fridayvto sign up – more binge watching time available on the weekend ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. can’t wait to get back in there… really diggin’ the “art journaling” workshop! Thanks (again) for the info and the inspiration!

  3. Ok! Signed up … I see what you mean about ‘rabbit hole.” Bright shiny objects everywhere – yikes. Will have to land… ;) Thank you!

  4. Thank you, Karen! Great site and a lot of fun. I watched Gundrun Johnson knit a sweater and learned a lot. My art loving granddaughter watched the drawing video. Great Day!

  5. That’s awesome, thank you! I got the 14-day trial before, and watched Fancy Tiger Crafts’ “One Hour Top” video and sewed a top, which I love! I wasn’t sure whether I’d like to subscribe further, because many of the classes contained material I already knew. But I love how accessible the classes are – they’re short, fun, straightforward, and hands on. I think they’ll be a big help to people wanting to get into a new craft or learning a new skill, but feeling intimidated or overwhelmed.

    As for craftsy – I’ve taken many craftsy courses. Many of them were invaluable and excellent, for example, Eunny Jang’s “Lace knitting basics and beyond”, and Carol Feller’s “Stitch Surgery”.

  6. Fantastic tip! Especially great to see a couple of Brandon Mably videos. I was booked onto a workshop with him earlier this year but I couldn’t make it because I was ill. This makes up for it! :)

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