New Favorites: Faroese colorwork

New Favorites: Faroese colorwork

I’ve got a major Nordic knitting fixation going on at the moment (more on that to come) and last night I fell down a little rabbit hole marked The Island Wool Company. Among other things, they distribute Navia yarns and patterns from the Faroe Islands, between Shetland and Iceland. Faroese colorwork always reminds me of all the beautiful tile around the world, and I love tile. So while there’s more to Faroese knitting (and the Navia collection) than colorwork, these are the designs that are making my heart race at the moment:

TOP LEFT: the Faroese Star cardigan

TOP RIGHT: the 3 Border Jumper

BOTTOM LEFT: the Reflections Jumper

BOTTOM RIGHT: the Star Slippers


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15 thoughts on “New Favorites: Faroese colorwork

  1. yes! When my mom was in Norway last summer she got me the yarn and pattern for the shippers in the bottom right. I haven’t made them yet (mostly because the edges involve crochet and the instructions are a bit wonky from being translated) but they’re on my list to make this year.

  2. One of my favorite ubiquitous Norwegian sweaters – feels like everyone’s grandpa in Norway had one of these, many of them have been handed down – is known as an “islender” (“Icelander”), but is actually more likely a Faroese design originally. I’d love to have one eventually, whether I end up knitting one or buying one in a charity shop. They look like this:

  3. The Faroese star pattern is lovely…too bad you didn’t discover it in April…free download :) And it would be in Intarsia which makes me crazy! Thanks for going down that Rabbit Hole !

  4. All so beautiful! I am developing a serious love for Nordic knitting too. I saw a pair of Nordic wool leggings…now I am hooked.

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