Amanda reunion photos

Amanda reunion photos

I’m back from the trade show, always an incredible time, but the absolute highlight of this trip was the fifteen minutes spent in the company of Amanda Knitalong panelists, wearing our completed cardigans. When I realized all five of us with finished sweaters would be there — me, Anna, Kate, Meg and Jaime (l to r) — I asked if everyone would be willing to pack a big cable sweater in their late May suitcases, and everyone kindly obliged. I really can’t tell you how cool it was to see these sweaters all together — how much the same they are and yet how different. I’m not sure the photos can even begin to do it justice, but I wanted to share them nonetheless. We were really wishing we had all the Amanda sweaters from the knitalong to line the entire sidewalk with.

Then yesterday, a year after this whole thing began, Anna wore hers on a flight to Manchester and my heart exploded.

Amanda reunion photos

Special thanks to Amber for snapping the photos!

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  1. They are beautiful!! I love that you all wore them and the photos are fabulous!! I can’t wait to knit this sweater in the fall. My yarn is happily sitting waiting for me!!

  2. Wonderful to see how the same sweater becomes different depending on the maker and how she wears it. Super fun photo!

  3. I love how the variations in tone corresponds almost exactly with variations in height!

  4. The shawl collar variation just slays me. Any more details on that one? Yarn? a project page/blog post on the changes?

  5. WOW!!!
    There are Wonderful! I’m not sure I would ever have the patience to knit all the “doughnut” cables. (At least that’s what we call them). Everyone is a bit different, unique to that person! It is so fun to see ya’ll in them together!


  6. They are all beautiful works of art! Thanks for the links and info on the various modifications. Nice that they are all in one place, for when I am up to the Amanda challenge :-)

  7. Karen, I can use either my O-wool from Jocelyn or the Ben Hole and Son yarn for this, right?     After continually reading your daily blog and writing about this one particular pattern now for a year, I am considering making it for Winter2015.   A definite new path for me since I tend to only knit scarves, shawls and blankets.  :)   Thank you Karen. Lynn

  8. That was wonderful! I do love the dark grey but then I love all of them :) Thanks.

  9. I am _thrilled_ to have found your site! I’m always looking for knitting sites that are informative, helpful, and interesting – and yours fits all three! Thank you for the great links you’ve shared… such as the Cordova Gansey Project, the Instagram link to waldorfmanufaktur, the links to Paper Tiger (where I found the great info on hiding strands in Fair Isle knitting, and more. I’ve included your site link on my blog:
    Best, Jo

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