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It’s trade show time again, so I’m off to hobknob with the knitterati, but I wanted to load you up with some worthwhile links for the weekend—

– Love the sweater sleuthing from Dianna

– And the gauge investigation from Simone

– And the Cordova Gansey Project (use the links in the right rail to proceed)

Sonya is my idol

– Want (to make) these dresses

Why we dress how we dress

Last Season (thanks, KB)

– On a more somber note, this is not easy to watch but so important to understand (thanks, Renee)

– How many people are choosing to make their own clothes? “The global market for sewing machines is estimated to reach 30.8 million units by 2020, up from about 23.7 million last year.

– Here’s to more clothes like Huelo’s dress becoming less rare and more attainable

East Side Fiber Festival is mere weeks away! Are you coming?

ALSO: The new Taproot is here, and it’s my favorite theme they’ve done yet — Wild! Everything from foraging to fermenting; raising “wild” children; recipes for wild salmon, wild blueberries, wild rice; etc. The are two great tutorials: Margaret Oomen of crocheted rock fame writes about how that all began and shares a how-to for a baby puffin crocheted rock. And our friend Jen Hewett has a tutorial for a beautiful block-printed tea towel. You can grab that at Fringe Supply Co., of course. Embarrassment of riches in the Magazine department right now!

Have a great weekend! See you Monday—

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  1. Thanks for the link Karen! I’m also *loving* the Craft Sessions piece; your recs are always the best. :)

  2. Karen, Wow, Wow!!! What a great post! I could not believe what I seeing when “Cordova, Alaska popped up. For the last 2 months I have been reading and watching everything I can about Alaska and Her People. I originally started this Arm-chair trip after reading a small piece about Cordova. Add to that that I love Fishermen’s Sweaters and never can find enough material to feed my curiosity . How fun! An absolutely great way to start a weekend. Thought it couldn’t get any better…then I get to the tail end of your pot and found the NEW TAPROOT was in! rushed right in to get my copy. I bought my fist copy from ya’ll, having no idea what I would find inside it’s pages. FUN, GREAT INFORMATION, CRAFTS< and of course KNITTING!!! Loved it ever since. Hope Ya'll have a Great Weekend and HAPPY KNITTING!!!

  3. The “not easy to watch video” — Thank you for sharing it. It gives me a lot to think about re: where and how I shop.

  4. Thank you Karen for the link to the unfolding of our project story which is actually launching this next weekend with a pilot group of twenty of us with the help of Beth Brown-Reinsel. We will begin to design and knit traditional ganseys for either fishermen family members or those who want outdoor gear for their Northwest lifestyle, and Bonne Marie Burns of Chic Knits who will be joining us the end of the month and approaching the gansey from a contemporary perspective. We plan in 2016 to have a Knitting FisherFolk event which will celebrate the connection between fishing and knitting and hopefully have our first group of ganseys to share, as well as workshops and displays. The Cordova Gansey Project is for all who embrace a “working in wool” philosophy and carries forward and honors the great gansey knitting heritage into this generation of independent commercial fishermen and women who work hard to sustainable harvest their product, and includes those who want to join us as we learn more about this tradition as well as enjoy the fellowship of knitting with friends, as was evident in the knitting fisher lassies of the past. Thanks again for sharing our story. It is just getting started…

  5. Thanks for the heads up on the book “Women in clothes” I bought it, it’s excellent!!

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