Best of the Best of Fall 2015: Rosetta Getty’s hothouse flowers

Best of the Best of Fall 2015: Rosetta Getty's hothouse flowers

Somehow I trailed off in talking about the most inspiring knits from the Fall 2015 shows without ever posting the Best of the Best! You have to be in full Fall fantasy mode to appreciate it right now, but Rosetta Getty was killin’ me with this collection. The cactus hothouse setting might have had some influence on me, I admit, but the sweaters are just incredible — from the shrunken to the enormous to the layers of enormous. There’s a definite rich hippie vibe to the whole thing — there aren’t many designers who could make me want to wear a  knee-grazing granny-square coat — and the recurring long cardigan with scarf-tie front is a thing I should hate. But over that incredible shirtdress? Gimme.

Best of the Best of Fall 2015: Rosetta Getty's hothouse flowers

14 thoughts on “Best of the Best of Fall 2015: Rosetta Getty’s hothouse flowers

  1. I cannot get on board with the granny square coat….Great Aunt made an afghan in the 70’s looked just like this!

    • I found that if I like the style If you did it in one or two choosen colors it looks real cool….multi color looks too old fashion…

  2. Love the first and third ones. The granny square sweater is beautiful but can’t see me wearing it, wonderful on her.

  3. Oh, man, I am such a sucker for hippie chic. That was my era, after all! Even if it’s a bit overboard for my lifestyle now, it sure gets the creative juices flowing. Love that you keep an eye out and post the fashion stuff. Fun and inspiring, thank you!

  4. I’d like to see that cardigan on a model standing up straight, I might like it, but I love the wool what we called gaucho pants in the first and third photos. I’d like to share my anti-depressant (and a sandwich) with the model.

  5. The top look (is that a sweater over a different sweater?) makes me think of a mashup between the recent Brooklyn Tweed Rift and Sawyer patterns… With bonus shirttail hem. That thermal texture is delicious (I’m currently knitting Sawyer).

    Wait, I just caught that the granny square coat is also a scarf-tie front thing! With extra long tassels! “Rich hippie” annoys me as a fashion persona, and that coat has nothing to do with my own personal style, but I do love looking at it.

    I quite like the grey scarf-tie coat thing (though again, sweater coats aren’t my jam because I don’t like how they work with my shape). Why do you say you’d normally hate that sort of silhouette, Karen? I don’t think I’ve ever considered it much before seeing these photos (thanks!), and it looks great here so I’m curious about what’s not to like.

    Afraid I can’t quite join you in admiration of the shirt dress… That hem plus the blue reads “grandpa nightshirt” for me — and makes me think “ooh, chilly legs” — though I adore the placket/cuffs. (Hmm, so I guess “grandpa nightshirt” isn’t a look I’m into? Though now that I say it that way, I can totally imagine it being A Thing, and even a Karen-ish thing!)

    Thanks again for the — well, eye-candy doesn’t quite work, because what I like about these posts is how they make me think about the wide world of aesthetics, even those I don’t relate to. Nutritious eye-granola-snacks? Tasty and energizing!

  6. Um – anyone else notice that someone forgot to knit a sweater for that gal to wear under her granny square coat?

  7. The collection is stunning but I can’t get past how sad and underfed the model looks. Where’s the joy? Eat a delicious treat while knitting!

  8. Love the color of the first sweater (but can’t quite figure out what’s going on there) in combo with the rich gold skirt (pants?) but I can’t seem to appreciate the others, maybe because I am bothered by the stoned out look of the model.

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