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I have a little Elsewhere for you today, for starters:

I also want to talk to you about Stitches. Many of you have asked if I’ll be having a booth at Stitches West again this year, and after a lot of deliberation, I’ve decided not to. One of the many reasons is that Stitches South is moving this year, from Atlanta to my newly adopted hometown of Nashville! So I’m concentrating my energy on the (hopefully) much bigger booth I’ll have at Stitches South in late April, and I’m encouraging you to come. If you’ve ever thought of traveling to Nashville, I can’t think of a better time. The Stitches shows (where I learned so much of what I know) are so worth going to — whether or not you have to travel to get to one — but they’re generally near destination towns, not in them. South will be right here in Nashville, at Opryland. So in this case, you can partake of the amazing classes and the marketplace and get to enjoy the town. It also coincides with the Nashville Flea Market, which I’m told is ranked in the top-ten fleas in the country but I can tell you is the best flea I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a lot. Restaurants, music, hiking trails, the flea, and a chance to attend Stitches. Why would you not come?! I’ll have more to say about it between now and April, but you should seriously take a look at the class schedule and give it some thought. Grab a friend and come together!

Elsewhere, new goods and Stitches South!

And I have exciting shop news: First, there’s some amazing micro-batch yarn from Abundant Earth Fiber, which you can read more about right here. Because there is so little of it, I’m declaring that it will be for sale at 10am CST this morning, and when it’s gone it’s gone, so set an alarm. Also, as noted above, the Wabi Mitts kits are back in stock in all colors and larger quantities this time, so hopefully you can get the one you’ve been wanting! And the beloved wooden gauge rulers are also finally back in stock.

Happy shopping, happy reading, happy knitting, and happy weekend!


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12 thoughts on “Elsewhere, new goods, and come to Nashville!

  1. I am so grateful to be a happy recipient of the Wesleydale yarn. Many thanks for this offering, Karen. I’ve been trying to make more mindful yarn purchases, much like Felicia’s “stash less” philosophy, but I just couldn’t pass these up. At least this is consistent with my new intention to buy more minimally processed fiber. Thanks again!

  2. How pedestrian friendly is Nashville. I have found that most of the south requires you to drive. Hotels are in the middle of nowhere and there are no sidewalks,stoplights or crosswalks. Just attempting to walk to a store will attract police attention. Drivers act as if you are invisible. There are no buses or they run no more than once an hour and stop at dusk or if it rains. Taxis are overpriced and hard to get.

    • It is definitely a town where you need a car or cab to get around. The nice thing, though, is that there are several great pockets where you can have a cab drop you off and be surrounded by shops and restaurants and such — the 12 South neighborhood, a little spot called the Shoppes on Fatherland, which is also just a few blokcs from the Five Points district, etc.

  3. I’m coming to Nashville! But not for Stitches South. I lived there for 10 years and my husband grew up there. We’ll be in town 3/23-3/29 to visit family and friends. If you’re around, I’d love to meet up and be friends in real life! It’s been a few years since we’ve been back, and I’ve already warned my husband that I have a long list of places I need to visit and people I need to see again or meet for the first time!

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