Next of the Best of Pre-Fall 2015: Moody blues

Next of the Best of Pre-Fall 2015: Moody blues

These two knits make me dizzy. Literally and in a drunk-with-joyful-inspiration sort of way. At the top is MM6 Maison Martin Margiela’s crazy sweatshirt. I do think it’s some kind of tapestried jersey and not sweater knit, but it gives me Linden ideas, and also makes me want to attach marled sleeves to a stranded sweater body. (As long as someone else knits the body for me. Tag Team, anyone?) And then we have Mulberry’s insane colorwork-meets-stockinette coat. The stranded portion includes some kind of extreme mohair that makes the patterning look like a painting that’s been splashed with water and is beginning to bleed. Oh so beautifully.


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9 thoughts on “Next of the Best of Pre-Fall 2015: Moody blues

  1. As you said, this is not knitting, but love the sweatshirt . I have the Linden pattern but were do you find such wonderful fabrics?

  2. GOR JUS! (so fabulous, had to invent a new word to help describe!) again…. thanks for sharing and inspiring us.

  3. The body of the sweatshirt reminds me of tydye. Your right that Linden would make a great substitute.

  4. Marled sleeves on a different body sounds beautiful! I have a question totally unrelated to this post – but can anyone tell me how you decide how many skeins of closeout yarn to buy when you don’t have a specific project in mind but want to keep options open in terms of how much yardage is needed?

  5. Lindsay, I have a copy of Ann Budd’s “The Knitter’s Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements” which is a laminated and folded little pamphlet that gives yard/meter yarn requirements for a broad range of sizes and gauges, and items from mittens and hats all the way up to basic sweaters. It gets you in the ballpark for buying quantities when you don’ t have a specific pattern in mind. I got mine in a yarn shop for about $6 or it’s from Interweave if you want to order one.

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