Jen Hewett Edition Three!

Jen Hewett Edition Three is now available!

The November installment of the limited-edition Jen Hewett project bags is a little behind schedule (thanks to some difficulty getting ahold of the blank bags) but I’m happy to say it’s here at last! And it’s my favorite one yet — a cool geometric print pairing the ochre from Edition Two with the near-black from Edition One. The preorders have all shipped and the remaining bags — just about 80 of them — are now available for you to order!

We also got a big box of bento bags this week, the Knit and Let Knit tote is no longer sold out, and we’ve filled in the rosewood and bone DPN’s.

ALSO: If you aren’t already following @fringesupplyco on Instagram, take a look — I’ve started doing Gift Idea of the Day posts and I’m having a ton of fun putting together the combos.

I hope you all have a wild and woolly weekend — I’d love to hear what you’re working on!


2 thoughts on “Jen Hewett Edition Three!

  1. Lord have mercy my husband is going to kill me if I put another knitting-related item on my Christmas list. But it’s so pretty…

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