Knit the Look: Preetma Singh’s rollneck sweater

Knit the Look: Preetma Singh's rollneck sweater

I can never see a rollneck sweater and not think of the J.Crew classic from my youth, which I coveted for all the years they kept it in the catalog and never got to have. Seeing this version on fashion editor/drummer Preetma Singh makes me want one all over again. As did the Purl Soho Pullover pattern when it was released last year. Preetma’s has ribbed cuffs, which I love and would be a no-brainer of a mod, and a punkified hem. I personally would skip that part, but you could easily emulate it with a crochet chain. Knit it in Purl Soho’s Worsted Twist Heather in the lightly mottled Ash Gray. Or — if you’re comfortable adapting a pattern to a different gauge — you could get a chunkier and more marled look like Preetma’s by holding together two strands of a fingering-weight yarn, one in light grey and the other an even lighter grey.

See Vanessa’s post for more of Preetma’s look.


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Street style photo © Vanessa Jackman; used with permission

7 thoughts on “Knit the Look: Preetma Singh’s rollneck sweater

  1. Sigh…my favorite classic of all time! This is a great sweater to knit while movie watching…endless miles of stockinette…relaxing and oh so rewarding in the end!

  2. I had that J.Crew sweater, but it was the 90s, so I wore it in a not-flattering oversized cotton version which sagged even more. I can’t unsee it! Need a re-do.

  3. i bought 2 men’s xl on crazy sale 20 years ago in Aqua and the perfect red and I still wear them when it gets super cold. Such a timeless design even when tunic sized.

  4. You weren’t missing much! I had one of those j crew sweaters and the seam on the sleeve unraveled within the first two weeks I wore it. I never really bought anything else jcrew after that.

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