Giving thanks … for Meg’s mod

Giving thanks ... for Meg's mod

There are so many things I’m thankful for today: the friendships I have gained by becoming a knitter, the fact that you all find this blog worth reading, my wonderful husband and family. And also: this photo, which I flagrantly stole from #fringeandfriendsknitalong panelist Meg Strong. (Who, you know, taught me to knit in the first place. So thankful for Meg.) In addition to wondering how best to go about converting Amanda into a shawl-collar cardigan, I’ve also been wondering what it would look like. Would I love it as much as I think I would? Add to that the fact that I’ve reached that point where I am bored to tears with the monotony of this chart, feeling like if I don’t get to the join soon, I may never get there at all. And then this photo pops up on my phone, and all faith and enthusiasm are restored!

As with Jaime’s, I’ll have a Q&A with Meg here on the blog when her sweater is complete, but in case you also needed a boost — or the mod notes — in the meantime, I wanted to share this with you today.

If you’re in the US, I hope you enjoy your turkey! And no matter where you are, I hope you take a minute to count your blessings. Thank you for being one of mine!


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6 thoughts on “Giving thanks … for Meg’s mod

  1. Very thankful for this blog, Karen, and all I’ve learned from it this year. The number of delightful “light bulb moments” has been huge. Not just from your insights but those of other bloggers you’ve hightlighted and the readers of this blog. Thank you all!
    And a P.S.: big grin every time I see/pick up one of my faaaaabulous Fringe Project Bags. So fine!

  2. So thankful for your blog. I learn so much from almost every post. And I’m thankful for your shop as your style almost exactly matches mine. I can’t afford to buy much, but I happen to know that Santa is bringing me several goodies from your shop this Christmas. Yippee!

  3. I’m so thankful for this wonderful blog Karen, and this post in particular. My Amanda has been on hiatus recently for Christmas knitting but thanks to this post I can do a shawl collar and my button band tabs will be saved!

  4. I have been a knitter all my life, dare I say I’m 65 on new years eve, but feel much younger. I have recently had the privilege of teaching both my G/daughters to knit, they are 5 and 8, both picked it up in 1/2 an hour and they may not knit again for a while but I have satisfaction that they will remember that it was their Nana that taught them. :-)
    I really enjoy following your blog, it’s very inspiring, thanks…

  5. So excited to hear I’m not the only one a little ‘bored’ with the pattern. Good news, it’s now ‘tv knitting’ because I’ve memorized the pattern. Bad news, I’m stalled after one sleeve. Today’s picture definitely motivates me to cast on the second sleeve and get ‘er done!

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