WIP of the Week, week 5 (and other juicy bits!)

WIP of the Week, week 5

This was by far the hardest round for picking the #fringeandfriendsknitalong WIP of the Week. I can’t even tell you how much time I spent going through the Ravelry images and the Instagram hashtag — scrolling back and forth and forth and back and back and forth. Again, if I had three or four prizes to give it still wouldn’t be enough! But the image I kept coming back to was @idafwl’s WIP, above. Ida’s been a contender every week. She’s one of two known people frogging a sweater and turning the reclaimed yarn into a Hawser. (She’s frogging her Beatnik; Erica Smith is frogging her Stonecutter. And my utmost respect to the both of them.) So it’s been a joy watching Ida’s Hawser grow. But I just love this photo, captioned “Getting big enough to fold”, because that’s a tipping-point moment I think we can all identify with. We start every project with a skimpy little slip of stitches, and we turn those stitches into rows, and eventually those rows start to look and feel not just like a piece of fabric, but like a thing. You have that, “Hey, this is about to be a sweater!” moment. (Or hat, or sock, or whatever.) And if you’re like me, that’s when the adrenaline really starts to kick in. So this photo got me excited for Ida and for myself and for everyone who’s got a WIP on the needles that’s soon to be an FO.

Congratulations, Ida — you’ve won a $150 gift certificate to the freshly launched Tolt Yarn and Wool webshop! And huge congratulations to Anna and company on the launch of that shiny new web presence. Y’all should go check it out!


– If you are going to Vogue Knitting Live in Chicago this weekend, don’t forget to show me your tote on Instagram! Since I don’t get to go. Take a pic of yourself at the event with your High-fiber or Knit and Let Knit tote, tag it #fringeinthewild #vklive, and mention @fringesupplyco @karentempler. Some lucky person(s) will win a gift certificate from Fringe Supply Co. If you don’t already have one, or you do and someone asks you where they can get such a wonderful tote bag, they are for sale in The Yarnery’s booth, #221/223!

– The following Saturday, November 1, I will have a booth at Fiber in the ’Boro in Mufreesboro TN! If you’re anywhere near Nashville, hie thee to the show! You’ll get to meet my trusty sidekick, Amazing DG. And shop the movable Fringe shelves, of course.

– After that, I am headed to Seattle/Carnation WA for a little business and then a visit to Tolt Yarn and Wool. Anna and I are planning some kind of Q&A/meet-and-greet sort of thing, where you may ask me anything you want — about my background, the blog, knitting, blogging, whatever I actually know anything about — and I will do my best to be interesting and/or informative. It will most likely be Thursday evening, Nov 13, but I will confirm that date (and time) when it’s pinned down. Just wanted to give you a heads-up! I’d love to meet any of you who are in that beautiful area.

– And last but not least, there are some marvelous new gems to be had at Fringe Supply Co today: the prettiest little Italian scissors and the ever-popular Doane notebooks, now in striking colors! Go get’em.

New at Fringe Supply Co.

Have a great weekend!


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10 thoughts on “WIP of the Week, week 5 (and other juicy bits!)

  1. What you elegantly call “a skimpy little slip of stitches,” my mom calls “a spaghetti sweater.” I think my dad inspired this way back , noting that it was already big enough to be a sweater for a spaghetti.

  2. This comment is not really about this post but is. Karen, wanted to tell how much I admire your work. At this time I do not have a knitting community to help or inspirer me. Your tutorials are amazing. Look forward to your post each day. Thanks a million times.
    Yes, get that “Getting big enough to fold.” rush myself.

  3. Yes! I love that “big enough to fold”. Knitting really is magical.
    I really have to post my Hawser progress, it shall be this weekend’s project.

  4. Love this photo of squishy accomplishment! I also have to say that I am loving all these Amanda posts (as well as all others, of course), but I especially look forward to these WIP Fridays. Thank goodness I work at home on Fridays – my new routine is to fire up the coffee and the computer a bit early just so I can leisurely peruse all the wonderfully written words and choreographed progress shots. Thanks, Karen.

  5. Yay, lucky me! You’re so right about that adrenaline rush, I’ve been knitting like crazy since posting that picture.
    Thank you so much, Karen and Anna, I can’t wait to get my hands on some of that lovely lovely yarn!

  6. Karen, my daughter just arrived from LA and told me a surprising tale. Along the street from where she lives is A store called Otherwild – Rachel owns it – Samantha was in there this week carrying her striped “project” bag -which came from Fringe Supply a while ago. Rachel wanted to know where she got it,because she recognized it. Small world? Right?

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