An unlikely story

An unlikely story

This is the tale of the most improbable thing that’s happened to me since that one time my Morse Code Cowl was on Stephen Fry’s TV show. But first, we have to flash back to May 4, 2014. I remember the exact date because it was the morning Anna and I woke up and got dressed for the trade show and found that we were both wearing army-green pants and a denim shirt. We thought it was funny — especially since we were doing our Tag Team Sweater Project photos that day — so off we went, dressed like twins.

You may be familiar with Sarah Hatton, one of the designers for Rowan, the illustrious British yarn and pattern company that crops up often in these pages. While Anna and I were sitting on a couch in the Rowan distributor’s booth that day, poring over upcoming patterns and partaking of the dime store candy on the coffee table (there were Jots!), Sarah spied us and said, “I know you two! You’re Tolt and Fringe. I follow you on Instagram!” Which was pretty astonishing, for Sarah Hatton to be recognizing us. But that’s not the story.

Flash forward to a few weeks ago on Instagram. Sarah posted this photo from her latest Rowan booklet, the one up top, and I hit the like button. As in, hey yo, congratulations! She responded and said — I hope she doesn’t mind my repeating this — “Glad you like it @karentempler – the model was kinda an ode to your good self.” To which I responded in my characteristically urbane fashion, “Whut?!” I’ve since seen other pics from the collection, on her feed and elsewhere, and it’s full of girls dressed in army-green and denim (and grey), which, being far from alone in my penchant for that palette, I would never have thought had anything to do with me, or with how Anna and I were dressed the day we met Sarah. After asking if that seemed creepy, Sarah went on to say that the styling on that first photo was “supposed to be a bit Karen and a bit Isabel Marant.” And there you have it: The first (and presumably last) time anyone ever put me and Isabel Marant in the same sentence. And a story so improbable, I had to share it.

The Rowan Loves Kidsilk Haze & Felted Tweed collection is now available, and you can see it in full at Ravelry. Pictured here are Vicky, Paula, Davina and Gemma. And for the record, I would be happy to have this whole outfit:

An unlikely story

20 thoughts on “An unlikely story

  1. Hah, when I saw this on Pinterest, I at first thought “Oh I bet Karen would like this,” and then I realized you posted it. ;) It is very “you” in the very best of ways!

  2. Karen, does this post mean that you have a copy of the booklet in hand? I cannot find it anywhere but from a stockist in the UK (which will take forever and cost an arm and a leg to get to the US). I feel like a stalker haunting Ravelry for a response to my message to the designer.

  3. What a great story! I so love it when people attribute the source of their inspiration in such an open and generous way. Sarah sounds like someone who fully understands the magic of this practice. Love, love, love her!

    And that sweater at the bottom is so cool I am drooling. That square, geometric shape, the simple clean drape of stockinette in fabulous yarn, the short boxy sleeves and high neck….it is new and refreshing and I want it. BADLY. Aaaack, see what your site does to me, Karen! Your blog is enabling my endless wanting! ;-)

  4. Wow, Karen, just wow! How amazing! Now you have an entire collection that you can reknit and that fits right into your wardrobe.
    And I even went wow after just reading your first sentence. I remember that cowl from QI! That was you, too? Have to rewatch that episode now. ;)

  5. Karen, I love this post. Seriously, I was looking at this Rowan collection surfing their website. I did a double take when I saw the army green-pant denim shirt combo paired with the beautiful scarf. Is that Karen? Modeling? What a huge compliment to you – well deserved. You rock! Safe and fun filled travels.

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