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Elsewhere is exactly where I am these days, y’all. (I have free license to say y’all as much as I want now, so watch out!) My life is as disrupted as it can possibly get — and instead of getting more settled, it keeps finding ways to get more unsettled. But I am GOING WITH THE FLOW. Let’s just say I’m getting really good at shipping orders from the back of my car. Next week though (knock wood knock wood knock wood) I will finally have access to my new studio, so at least there will be some partial new normal to come, and hopefully a return to regular blogging. Meanwhile, fibery links for you to explore:

— Sarai Mitnick on why it’s ok to be a selfish sewer (or knitter!)

— “I love it because it was knitted by hand and with love. Its imperfections make it special and they make it mine. They make it better than all of my straight, even, normal-necked knitwear.

A mystery knit-along I would not have regretted. (Mystery knit-alongs scare me.)

— Jared Flood on color theory for knitters, Part 1 and Part 2

— I’m wowed by what all got made after Fancy Tiger’s Indigo Dye Day

Love this tote pattern

— and I’d like to visit the Voss Folkemuseum, please.

Have a marvelous weekend — please tell me what you’re working on so I can live (i.e, knit) vicariously! And p.s. for those who’ve been waiting, I just added some more copies of Macramé Pattern Book to the shop.

13 thoughts on “Elsewhere

    • Mm hm. If I get any knitting time this weekend, I’m debating between swatching for my Channel cardigan or casting on those cable socks I posted recently.

  1. I’m just weaving in the ends of a grandpa style cardigan (v-neck, hip-length, not too fitted) in fabulous Baa Ram Ewe Titus, the most cuddly amazing yarn ever. This is my second sweater in the yarn, and it takes all manner of abuse and still looks great. Knitting at 7.5 spi and it’s been a lot of work, but will be totally worth it. Going to attempt to apply pockets using a method from my ancient Vogue Knitting encyclopedia, involving picking up stitches for the bottom of the pocket using a crochet hook and then attaching the sides by ssk-ing and k2tog-ing as you go.

    Congrats on your move and I hope you get back to knitting soon!

    • I love that yarn — haven’t knitted with it, just fondled it. But that’s good to know that it wears well. I tried doing a pocket that way last year — ssk’ing and k2tog-ing as you go — and didn’t like the way it turned out, but for some reason the instructions I was using had you do it every other row instead of every row, and I think that was the problem. Curious to know how it goes for you!

  2. My sister-in-law just sent me a link to crocheted baby flip-flops so-o-o-o-o I’ll be making flip-flops for Miss Lucy, at least today. I have tails to weave in on my latest men’s chemo hat, a second slipper out of this year’s Onesie basket to work on, and another stripe of Oriole orange to add to my Different Lines shawl.

    A thought about indiecita’s afterthought pockets–when the Yarn Harlot applies a button band to a cardi she picks up stitches in 2 rows and then skips one to minimize puckers, etc. I’ve tried it with afghan edging–garter and I-cord–and it’s worked well.

    Glad you made the trip in one piece, Karen. Husband survive too?

    • So many options for you to work on!

      The stitches:rows ratio (like the 2 stitches for every 3 rows example you gave) comes into play when you’re picking up stitches to knit perpendicularly to the existing fabric, and has to do with your gauge. It could be 4 stitches for every 5 rows, etc, depending. With Indiecita’s pocket, she’s presumably knitting in the same direction and same gauge as the fabric, so it would be 1:1. The tutorial I was trying was literally to attach the pocket side (via ssk or k2tog) every other row, so it left gaps on each side, but the Vogue one might be different.

  3. Oh, I almost forgot, my knitting guild’s program in the park was knitting with beads and wire so I’ve got a shawl pin to finish too. It was much easier than I thought it’d be.

  4. I’ve been starting on my first ever pair of socks and while terrifying they are going to be what I devote myself to this weekend! They’re the simple skyp socks on Ravelry and I’m using Quince & Co (see the project page here http://ravel.me/abbygoodknits/sss)

  5. Thanks for posting the tote pattern! I love it! Coincidentally I am attempting to sew my first tote pattern this weekend. I just cut all the fabric. This tote pattern is going on my sewing to-do list!

  6. That folk museum looks a lot like Skansen, http://www.skansen.se/en/kategori/english, in Sweden. One of the highlights of my visit there! Not cheesy at all and staffed by well educated historically accurate representations of the butchers/bakers/craftspeople who would have lived and worked there. So fun!

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