This yarn is my happy place

This yarn is my happy place

Here’s what my schedule looks like right now: Today I have a bag to pack for myself and some boxes to pack for Fringe Supply, because Wednesday morning at the butt-crack of dawn I board a plane for New Hampshire. I’ll be attending Squam Art Workshops for the first time (woohoo!) — AND Saturday night I’ll have a table at the Squam Art Fair. If you’re in New England and this is not already on your calendar, put it on there! It’s open to the public and it’s a must-do. Here’s the full vendor list; doors open at 7:30. Be there or be square.

I pack back up and arrive home Sunday and have three — count ’em — three weeks to finish packing up my entire life, because at the end of the month we’re moving to Nashville! Me, Bob and Fringe. (Standard question: “Why?” Short answer: “Because we want to!”) (If you’re in the Bay Area, we’re having a massive moving sale on June 14th. Watch my @karentempler account at Instagram for details.) Somewhere in those three weeks, I also have to find a place for Fringe to do business and (ideally) a place to live. Plus all the other stuff that moving entails.

The first week of July, we’ll be driving across the country to our new hometown. Two weeks after that, we’re spending a week with my family in the Smoky mountains somewhere, celebrating my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. And three weeks after that, I’ll be at Stitches Midwest with my first full-blown booth (which is not yet designed or outfitted). Midwesterners, is that on your calendar? Put it on there!

So why am I telling you all of this?

1. I’m a wee bit overwhelmed, and so is my inbox. You guys blew me away with the response to the Jen Hewett bag — Friday was by far our biggest day ever and we’re still working to catch up, but we’re shipping as fast as we can and hope to get all of the weekend orders filled today. Thank you so, so much for the orders and your patience. If I owe you an email or a response to a comment, please forgive me — I’m doing the best I can! But I also need to accept and declare that blogging will very likely be spotty for the next couple of months. If I don’t give myself permission to not blog every day in June/July, I might need to plan a side trip to the loony bin, and who has time for that?

2. The photo at the top of this post has been my happy place over the past few days. I’m very influenced by my surroundings and these days my desk is staged with my Squam table, the rest of the studio is chaos and our loft is much, much worse — tripping over boxes, etc. There’s been no time for knitting, but there’s the promise of it, in the form of this pretty photo, which Anna took and texted to me. After I wrote that post about the Pam Allen tanks last week, I began pestering her about Kestrel colors and placed a phone order for these beauties, which arrived on Saturday. Sadly, they’re still in their package, but you know how they say that watching fish swim around in a fish tank is good for your heart rate? For me, it’s this beautiful photo.


Photo by Anna Dianich/Tolt Yarn and Wool

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  1. We’ll be patiently waiting for you. Good success with the move, the finding of a new place to live, to work and everything else. Hope you can bring your Kestrel along with you in the plane/car/any other mode of transportation and get going. These colors are lovely, perfect summer East Coast beach vibe….

  2. Congrats on the move!! I lived in Nashville for four years and it is completely fantastic and I still miss it so much! Haus of Yarn is actually where I saw Fringe for the first time!

    • Oh, I love that — Haus of Yarn is the first store I set foot in after I learned to knit (which I did while visiting friends in Nashville, one of whom is a manager at Haus).

  3. OH MY GOSH I’m from Nashville! My family lives there! SO you mean to tell me, next time I visit my family I will be able to visit Fringe too?? This news is amazing. Nashville is an amazing scene! I look forward to meeting you in the future. ;)

  4. I grew up in NH my sister lives in Plymouth ( next town over from holderness)
    Seriously if you have a car go to Pollys Pancake house…you won’t regret it. Jealous I am always there at the wrong time.

  5. Holy Cow! Big news, Karen! Welcome to the “east side!” You will only be about a 16 hour drive from here. CONGRATULATIONS, and good luck!!!!!

  6. I dream often of picking up and moving across the country, but I talk myself out of it after I think of the expense and logistics of moving my stash. :-) Congrats on actually doing it.

  7. Karen,
    Wow! Lots of huge changes and new adventures in your life. Congratulations. Take the time that you need. We’ll be here waiting for you.

    Best wishes,

    Bordergirl on Ravelry

    P.S. I plan on seeing you first thing when the doors open next year at Stitches West!

  8. What!? This is amazing news, Karen! Both about your move (exciting! stressful! woo!) and all your events! I am selfishly sad about your moving schedule, since I’m going to be in San Francisco for the first time in July and was going to drop you a line to say hi. BUT, whatever, this is all so great sounding, so I’ll get over it :)

    I love yarn zen. Sometimes when I’m having a crazy work week I just sit with my knitting in my lapI don’t have time to actually do anything with it, but its presence is enough.

  9. How exciting, Karen! If I weren’t in the middle of a busy stretch, I would love to come up to Squam. Admittedly, it’s about 3 hours from here, but it’s also lovely. You’ll just have to come back another time. (And while I’m sad that you and Kristine V will no longer be Oakland knitting buddies, I’m glad you’ll be in close proximity to the Yarn Bus!)

  10. Welcome to Nashville! and its surrounding area. I work at Bliss Yarns in Brentwood and hope you’ll stop by, we’re bordered by a fantastic restaurant, Wild Iris, perfect for drinks and a little knit time.
    Have a safe move!

  11. From Northern California to Nashville!? Linen and cotton will become your new daily fiber.

    Good luck with your new adventure, Karen. From my experience, it can be a very good thing to turn your life inside out. Not to mention, purging your closets of that which isn’t truly needed and wanted is a given. ;-)

  12. Good luck with your new adventure. I just did a move from the Bay Area to Olympia, WA, and while I loved the bay, the change of scenery was extremely revitalizing. Have fun! I look forward to seeing your knitting/craft updates from Nashville!

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