The new Jen Hewett for Fringe Supply Co. series

The new Jen Hewett for Fringe Supply Co. series

Remember all the way back in April when I saw that cute little one-off bag in Jen Hewett’s Instagram stream and asked her to please please please print some for Fringe Supply Co.? They sold at a rather jaw-dropping speed and many of you who got one — along with a lot of you who missed out — asked for more. Jen and I are happy to oblige and immediately began talking about a more deliberate collaboration. Jen does all of her printing herself — lovingly, laboriously, by hand — and we wanted to do something that honored that, while also expanding the offering a bit. So we decided to do a series of four bags, each one a limited edition, and to release them once per quarter. While the previous one — the precursor to this series — was printed on little muslin bags Jen had on hand, we also decided to upgrade the bag itself.

So here is Edition One of the series: a gorgeous new design from Jen exclusively for Fringe Supply Co., screenprinted front and back on a larger, 100% linen drawstring bag. This time there are 100 of them — hopefully enough to last a little while — but when they’re gone, they’re gone! There will be no more like them.

For more photos and info — including how to make sure you get in on Edition Two — hop on over to the shop.

Thanks, everybody, and I hope you have a magnificent weekend!


5 thoughts on “The new Jen Hewett for Fringe Supply Co. series

  1. Karen,

    What a great idea to have an new Jen Hewett every quarter. I so appreciate the considerable creativity and labor to create these bags. Put my order in……


    Bordergirl on Ravelry

  2. love it! One is making it’s way to MINNESOTA right now – Jen Hewett, love your work!
    thanks, Karen… for bringing these to us.

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