Sweet spring shawls: Or, what to knit for Mother’s Day, part 2

Sweet spring shawls: Or, what to knit for Mother's Day, part 2

When I embarked on my roundup last week, it was going to be spring wraps (or shoulderwear, as I like to call it) — scarves, cowls and shawls. But I pulled too many good things to fit into one post. So here’s part two, the shawls!

1. Brisha by Cecily Glowik MacDonald, garter shawlette with a geometric lace border

2. Haiku Crochet Shawl by Rebecca Velasquez, previously noted, I know, but I’m just nuts about it

3. Imagine When by Joji Locatelli, asymmetic garter stitch with eyelets

4. Meadowgold by Romi Hill, pretty yet modern lace (See also: Sorority Shawl)

5. Spring Etude Shawl by Yuliya Tkacheva, well-done Tunisian crochet, be still my heart!

6. Qinnitan by Melanie Berg, who doesn’t love simple stripes?

7. Springtime Bandit by Kate Gagnon Osborn, a chunkier spot of lace (free pattern) (See also: Conifer)

8. Carnica by Robin Melanson, nice textured square with a not-too decorative border


In case you missed it: Pretty spring scarves: Or, what to knit for Mother’s Day


10 thoughts on “Sweet spring shawls: Or, what to knit for Mother’s Day, part 2

  1. Springtime Bandit catches my eye. Probably because of the color. I’ve been in love with anything bright pink for a couple of years now.

    (Interesting how the floral pattern on the jacket in 7 looks like the wallpaper in 8.)

  2. I WISH I enjoyed wearing shawls so I liked making them but the truth is, I’m totally a sweater girl.

    • I’m totally a sweater girl too. I use shawls to, occasionally, cover my chilly legs when I am wearing a shorter skirt.

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