Jen Hewett bags: too pretty to last

Jen Hewett drawstring bags: too pretty to last!

You guys, I have something really sweet and special for you in the webshop today: a very limited number of muslin drawstring bags from artist Jen Hewett. They’re lovely and useful and hand-printed and there are only 32 of them in the world and you should rush right over there and get one, but when you get back, I’ll tell you why this is especially special to me. Go ahead …


… so Jen was one of several creative women I was following a couple of years ago when I was pondering throwing caution (aka my job) to the wind and starting Fringe. I found her by way of a very popular pin about her post-it note to-do system and wound up an avid reader of her blog, where she wrote a lot about dividing her time between her corporate HR consulting gig and her creative business. It was all very inspiring and helpful to me, so I owe her a debt of gratitude for unknowingly providing that.

Meanwhile, I’ve been following her on Instagram for a long time, where she’s currently doing a little project called #52weeksofprintmaking. Each week she carves a block just for the sake of flexing her creative muscle (and Instagramming it) and prints it onto something and then Instagrams the finished piece. It might be a pillow or a wall-hanging or just about anything, but it’s just for her. Last week she posted these yarn ball-like blocks and it didn’t really register with me until she showed them printed onto a muslin bag. Even though I know it wasn’t intended to be a product, I immediately asked if I could please have some for Fringe Supply Co. and she obliged, lovingly printing 32 bags, front and back — all by hand — and stamping the inside with her logo. You can see them in the making on her Instagram feed. It makes me really happy to have them in the shop, but I don’t expect them to last long, given how few of them there are.

And if they happen to be gone before you read this, hold out hope that Jen and I will collaborate on more Fringe goods — I know I am.

OH, AND! the gorgeous Rosewood DPNs have been restocked, so all sizes are available again.


Happy Friday, everyone! Thanks for reading —

10 thoughts on “Jen Hewett bags: too pretty to last

  1. Jen Hewitt – Wow! Great idea on the 14 days of print making. Have to support that effort. Ordered my bag (and a few other items) this morning. Thanks for bringing this great stuff to us, Karen. Love supporting artists in this way!

  2. I love how often you update your blog and give us wonderful things to look at or think about.

  3. Really cute bags, and a great post from Jen on organizing with Post-It notes. I’m just glad that my life doesn’t require such a high level of organization anymore.

  4. That bag is adorable and thank you so much for introducing me to Jen and her awesome Post-It note to do system.

  5. Her prints are beautiful! Thanks so much for featuring Jen’s work and her blog. I’d happily read Fringe Association just for the knitting, which is lovely, but you also do a wonderful job of curating the work of other artists and makers, too, which is so valuable.

  6. I’m enjoying mine. Perfect for a one-skein project, and so attractive. Mom’s getting one for Mother’s Day, too.

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