More of the best of Fall 2014: Burberry’s ruanas

More of the best of Fall 2104: Burberry's ruanas

OK, so these are woven, but there’s no reason they couldn’t be knitted — and imagine how amazing that would be! (Sort of like that Micaela Greg square scarf I’ve never gotten over.)

I just looked up “ruana” at Wikipedia, because I wasn’t sure I had the right word, and learned (duh) that it comes from the Andean style of slit-square blanket ponchos. Do you know about ruanas? Here I think of them as being sold in upscale department stores, always in charcoal or camel, and worn by striking, well-to-do older women. I can’t figure out why they’re not worn by all ages and types — it’s such a smart shape for a wrap! So imagine my joy at seeing these funky patterned ones on the Burberry Prorsum runway. There’s a shearling version on Look 15, but the first woven one walks out with Look 20 and they repeat through Look 32, the only one that’s worn “properly.” The rest are slung chicly over one shoulder. (Which always makes me think of Meryl Streep in “Out of Africa.” Swoon.) I mostly hate the clothes, which is not my usual response to Burberry, but the ruanas? That’ll be sticking in my mind for the foreseeable future.


SALE: Speaking of things that should be way more popular, I’ve marked down a couple of my favorite canvas pouches along with the remaining copies of last spring’s Kinfolk. We’re reorganizing the studio, anticipating new goods, and clearing out the last odds and ends of these few things, so get ’em while they last!

AND: Not on sale, but the XL Bento Bags are back in stock in all three available fabrics!


6 thoughts on “More of the best of Fall 2014: Burberry’s ruanas

  1. I Love the look of ruanas, but when I try them on (in anticipation of looking chic) I get lost in all the blankety goodness! Guess I’ll have to grow a few inches above 5’4″ before I reach the appropriate age;)

  2. I, too, love ruanas, but the thought of knitting one makes my wrists hurt. Maybe if it was worked in pieces…. I’d go for the graphics and colors of Burberry’s olive/blue one. I’d also wear it properly.

  3. As a person who is not ashamed to admit that she has watched ‘Out of Africa’ for about 40-50 times – I remember Meryl Streep/Karen Blixon in all her elegant 1920’s looks and I am quite sure that she wore the ruana over the shoulder, across the body and then tied under the arm. :-) So chic!

  4. ah! simone and karen, kindred souls. i too have watched Out of Africa dozens and dozens of times (my first trip to the continent was to include a visit to karen blixens home outside nairobi. now a museum, so much was still there, most moving was the view of the ngong hills she loved so well). the way the maasai wear their wraps, so elegant (called kangas). seriously. these burberrys ruanas are really perfect. i love this best of look.

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