Next of the best of Fall 2014: Lemaire’s never-enough knits

Best knits of Fall 2014

I’m a little choked up over Christophe Lemaire’s Fall 2014 collection, but I’ll try to make this coherent. There are three major knit trends this season, at home and abroad: tunics and sweater dresses, a preponderance of knitted legwear (swants and such), and elaborately layered and/or multi-tiered knits. It all comes together beautifully and wearably at Lemaire, where there are not only loads of denim culottes and flawless shirtdresses and all manner of things I’d die to wear, but also models absolutely swathed in knits — from the voluminous sweaters and sleeved-adorned scarves tied around their necks down to the ribbed footless tights pulled down over their ankle boots. Can I just refill my empty closet with this whole collection, please? I’d be happy and done.

Best knits of Fall 2014

14 thoughts on “Next of the best of Fall 2014: Lemaire’s never-enough knits

  1. ohhh, how I want ribbed footless leggings to pull over my ankle boots! I wonder if one could make a pair from chopping up some knee socks or thick tights. Just looks so warm and the silhouette is so pretty!

    thanks for sharing!

  2. Silly me, all these gorgeous knits, and all I can say is, “Can I please see the whole shoe?!” I wonder, is the wedge gone, or are there actually heels on those classic, beautiful shoes?? ;-)

    • Agree, would love to see the whole shoe, but I love my wedges regardless and won’t be giving them up soon!

    • So, being the shoe freak I am, you intrigued me and I found this:

      It is a slide show of his 2014 fall collection – with LOTS of pics of the shoes. I’ve not finished, but no wedges yet!

  3. I’m a more “taylored look” kind of person and those gorgeous lines right down to the beautiful shoes with ALL THOSE KNITS is just one big WOW!

  4. Gaucho’s are a definite NO on my list. Not flattering on any body type. Stick to skirts or big-girl pants. Love the layering though…

  5. What’s also getting me are the hues that make up this collection. Sophistication galore without being dreary.

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