Things you want for Valentine’s Day

Fringe Supply Co. leather and brass stitch markers set

When I first started fantasizing about having a shop, and selling and creating the kinds of goods I couldn’t find, one of the very first ideas (maybe the first idea) I sketched in my notebook was a beautiful little leather pouch holding equally beautiful, simple brass or gold ring stitch markers. Two years (and a few design evolutions) later, it finally exists! I am thrilled — even more so because I’m making the pouches myself — and I hope you love this little beauty as much as I do.

Also new in the shop today are still more of the finest tools a knitter or crocheter could hope for: Indian rosewood crochet hooks, chatelaine safety scissors and bone double-pointed needles. Bone DPNs! I’m rolling them all out today because I think they make fantastic little Valentine’s Day gifts, but of course like everything at Fringe Supply Co., I think they’re beautiful, functional goods a knitter would do well to treat his- or herself to. So get get ’em!

Things you want for Valentine's Day

Have a great weekend, everyone! Tell me what you’re working on …


p.s. If you’re wondering about the color of the veg-tanned leather and aren’t familiar with how beautifully it ages, here are some examples from a couple of makers I admire: Infusion Fibers and KC Co. I’ve claimed the very first stitch marker pouch for myself and am so looking forward to watching it age.

39 thoughts on “Things you want for Valentine’s Day

  1. I absolutely love this! My grandfather always told me, if you have great tools, you’ll get a great product! I do believe my knitting will be jumping from good to great with the help of these beauties!

  2. i don’t use DPNs but WOW those are the coolest craft tool I have ever seen. Seriously! And those pouches are lovely. Go you!

  3. The stitch markers are officially on my Valentines day list! (along with your yarn pyramid – so in love!) Right now I’m working on a Valentines day gift for my boyfriend: smittens! (I’m using this pattern but I’ve heavily modified it for worsted weight yarn). And like usual I have multiple projects on my needles which include a cropped knit tank top and cabled knit shorts – both my own design!

    Side note: I have scissors about the same size as the chatelaine safety scissors and they were allowed on airplanes! Definite bonus :-)

  4. I just got a new leather couch and a beautiful orange (! my favorite color!) leather chair, and my pointy little scissors have fallen out of my knitting bag and have come close to puncturing each! I need! You always have the best stuff!

  5. The pouch and stitch markers are for sure on my wish list! And I love the bone needles! I have a few sets of dpns and straights that were gifted to me a few years ago… they are delightful to work with… I might have to fill in a few missing sizes here ;-)

  6. Oh, my! I am so lusting after that stuff. I’m creating a birthday wish list for my husband right now. As for what I’m working on, I’m knitting cowls for all the women in my family for their birthdays and practicing knitting socks since I just learned how.

  7. Are you selling the brass stitch markers separately? I love your pouch but I keep my markers in an old pin tin my mum gave me and I don’t think I can give it up!

    • Gina, I’m so sorry — I thought I had posted a response to this. I love that yours are in a tin from your mother. I’m not currently selling this type separate from the pouch but will let you know if I do. Meanwhile, I hope you love the black ones! Thanks again!

    • They’re really wonderful to knit with, too. I ordered them not knowing (having never tried it!), but assuming they’d be nice and smooth and hard, but not off-putting like I find metal. And that turned out to be exactly the case.

  8. Karen- your shop is so beautifully curated! (I said this to Kris, and she told me I needed to leave it as a comment.) :)

  9. Are the holes at the top of the folded leather pouch big enough for the stitch marker to fall out of? In other words, is this a bag you can throw in your project bag or is it best kept on your desk at home? Either way – it’s gorgeous :)

    • Oh no, it’s nice and snug — my main concern in exploring shapes for it was that I didn’t want them to be able to worm their way out, but I also didn’t want to make it difficult for you to get into either. This works out beautifully in both regards.

      And in my view, the more used and banged up and aged it gets, the more beautiful it will be, so I’m all for tossing it in your project bag. I’ve been carrying mine around in my pockets and such, eager to break it in and start getting some color on it.

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