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Today is a crazy day (in a good way) over here at Fringe HQ — final preparation for some really great Valentine’s Day-worthy additions to the shop, which I’ll tell you about tomorrow!

Meanwhile, Elsewhere:

— Have you heard about the top “how to” searches at Google for 2013? (Thx, Jo and Meg)

— Big thanks to Shiona for mentioning Fringe in her great piece at Never Undressed: How knitting became a high-end hobby.

— Wool and the Gang are also mentioned in that piece, which reminds me, last chance to enter the giveaway!

— It’s great to see Carrie Bostick Hoge blogging (and publishing!) so much more at her new URL.

— You gotta love the faces alpacas make.

— You also gotta love this sweater — and the history behind it.

— Bad break-up leads to 17.2 pounds of ex-girlfriend’s yarn listed on Craigslist. (Thx, Sarah) Plus one happy Raveler who claimed it. (Thx, Hannah)

— And omigod this book of Tilly’s! I died.


8 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Still trying to master how to tie a tie!! I see filing is number 2 on the list, I’d have to say that was one of my worst jobs!! Although, did they mean filing as in paper filing or filing as in nail filing? I did the paper kind and come to think of it, am not very good at the nail kind either. Gosh, I can really use this list!! Loved the article on the Ex-girlfriends yarn, too funny!!

  2. I always spend so much time on these posts. I enjoy them immensely. Except for the fact that you feed my addictions…

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