New Favorites: Carrie’s Uniform

Uniform cardigan — one pattern, many ways to knit it

I’ve been waiting so patiently for this, and then it almost got lost in the wake of last week’s BT release.  You may have been waiting patiently, too. Remember when it was Carrie Bostick Hoge’s turn in Our Tools, Ourselves? She said, “Right now I am working on finishing up a pattern called Uniform Cardigan. It is one pattern with several variations, so the knitter can build their own cardigan.” Well it finally released last week and it’s as good as I had hoped. The truth is, any basic sweater pattern is endlessly adaptable — you can always make the body and/or sleeves longer or shorter, wider or narrower, add or remove shaping, work the collar differently, etc. (As well as adding/removing all the embellishments, textures or stitch patterns there are in the world.) Carrie has simply boiled the endless options down to a few very smart and basic ones — plain or shawl collar, slender or bell sleeves, long or cropped body, pockets or no — and written out the pattern in a way that allows you to put them together however you like, without having to do the math for yourself. Oh, and it’s written for worsted weight, which is timeless and universal. She even tells you how much yardage to add or subtract based on which options you choose. But the key thing is how refined and useful a cardigan it is, whichever way you go.

Uniform cardigan — one pattern, many ways to knit it

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12 thoughts on “New Favorites: Carrie’s Uniform

  1. Yeah, I love it. Carrie gets it right, no doubt about it. I hem and haw over all kinds of new patterns and then see hers, and know it’s just what I need and want in my real life.

    Love the way Owl looks, too. In that color. In that length. ;-)

  2. I love this design. I was lucky enough to knit the longer bell-sleeved sample (in Owl) and I didn’t want to give it up! It’s definitely one I plan on knitting for myself (in many versions!) And also want to add that Owl is a beautiful yarn to work with and wear!!

  3. Love this. I’ve swatched and ready to go as soon my current is project is finished. Mine’s going to be short fitted and marled.

  4. What a perfect concept for a sweater pattern. And I’m eager for my Owl order to arrive… color “Elf” has been out of stock, so I’m delayed! With so many good reviews here, glad to know it will be worth the wait!

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