Down and back

Andrea Rangel

I’m back from two long days in the car for one action-packed one in San Diego. The trade show was a good time, although I don’t have a whopping lot to report. (You may have seen my little highlights reel.) I bought a load of amazing stuff for the webshop, saw some beautiful samples and some lovely new yarns, knitted with a bunch of my favorite knitters, and wore my one-armed Acer in the lounge at the Top of the Hyatt, where we — a very large pack of boisterous knitters — were surrounded by grown-ups in prom clothes. I’m not sure whether they were more puzzled by us or us by them. But the best part of the trip was getting to room with Andrea Rangel, who I first met at the June show, and who was a delight to hang out with. And this cardigan she’s wearing? It’s terrific — drop-shouldered but so beautifully shaped and proportioned, with great attention to every detail. She’ll be publishing the pattern in a few months, and I’ll be watching for it.

But at the moment, I’ve got an amazing discussion of stash sorting techniques to catch up on …


10 thoughts on “Down and back

  1. You’re so lucky, attending one real trunck show like Rhinebeck, TNNA or Vogue live or participating to a knitting retreat (especially the Plucky retreat), is one of my dream, because we don’t have such big events here in France…..maybe one day…. ;-) I can’t wait to see the new stuffs for the webshop !

    • Not at all! But there are lots of industry-related roles that will qualify you for TNNA membership — much lower barrier to entry than opening a shop!

  2. Where can I find the pattern for @cirilia’s beautiful “Radiant Orchid” cardigan? Gorgeous!!!!

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