Someday vs Right Away: Bobbles

Someday vs Right Away: Bobble

It might seem like I blog about Trillium every week, but c’mon — it’s really only every other week. I do, however, think about this sweater pretty much every day. Unlike some of the others, this one isn’t a pie-eyed sort of maybe someday Someday; it’s a someday soon. You know, as soon as I finish the other half-knit sweaters I’ve got going. But one of the things I’m looking forward to is the bobbles! (I’ll really be looking forward to them once I’m working my way up through all that stockinette.) I find them strangely appealing, as decorative doodads go, and have never knitted one. But there are snack-sized opportunities to rectify that in the near term: Jenny Gordy’s Snöflinga hat takes a similar judicious-geometric approach to the bobbles, and I love Grace Anna Farrow’s subtle Bump Scarf kerchief. (And that yarn: swoon.) Unfortunately, Grace’s pattern is not available for individual download, but Mary Lawson’s Covert Operation could be easily modified to kerchief proportions.


p.s. The great answers to my last Q for You keep on coming. If you haven’t read all the comments, don’t miss What’s your peak knitting experience. I love these stories!

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10 thoughts on “Someday vs Right Away: Bobbles

  1. For bobbles, I would start with a nice shawlette, like Cadhla,
    This gives you the opportunity to do a quick gratifying project to practice your bobbles, without the long term investment of a sweater. Also, If I’m doing bobbles, you’d better be able to see them. There’s nothing worse than spending the time on patterning than to have it disappear into the project. Just my opinion

  2. I love Trillium too. Subtle details (the ribbing, too), and classic, almost vintage, in it’s lines. I have not knit bobbles, but I have crocheted them….flat, and as an edging. The dozens of perfect little orange balls that hang from my Blood Orange Shawl were ridiculously time consuming and SO satisfying.

  3. Bobbles are incredibly fun to make. I knit the same bobble pattern sweater so many times in the 90s my husband said “not again”. They are quite easy, even easier than cables. Once the bobble is complete give it a little tug to make it pop. I bet you’ll start incorporating them in more of your knitting.

  4. Jenny’s hat was super easy to make and immediately became my go-to… after a year and a half, still kickin and getting compliments left and right!

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