Yarny links for your weekend enjoyment

I don’t have any new knitting to show you this week, but I do have some links and updates you won’t want to miss!

The Unfinished Ones is a Stockholm gallery exhibit by Kari Steihaug, wherein unfinished knitting projects are hung as art, along with their stories — some funny, some poignant (thx, Kerstin)

– The late, great Ruth Asawa made the New York Times memoriam-roundup, The Lives They Lived

How to knit onto leather! (Reminds me of those amazing Annie Williams clutches — ugh, so beautiful.) (thx, Anna)

– Take note: The yarn business having taken over her life, former Blog Crush profilee Rebekka Seale has officially moved her blog

– Lovely free sock pattern at Cotton & Cloud

Lara’s Hat! I like this better than the mega versions I was predicting would be everywhere


– The first new addition of the year is this spectacular tobacco-brown waxed canvas tool pouch (one of them went straight home with me)

– I should have called the Thank-You Sale the Bento Bag Stock-Up Sale — you all wiped me out of them in two days flat! Except for the underappreciated tan ticking, which is one of my favorites! As of yesterday, though, I’ve got all sizes and colors again, but in some cases just a few, FYI. More coming later in the month. (And speaking of the bentos, this is one clever customer.)

– Last but not least, the “High-fiber” tote — featured in the new Knitscene, which I haven’t seen yet — is now available at Home Made in Swainton NJ. And Apple Yarns in Bellingham WA, already fully stocked on other FSCo goods, will now be carrying the Yarn Pyramid — look for it there in a few days! (Full stockists list is here.)

Have a fantastic, fiber-filled weekend, everyone!


20 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. A great round up for a “school-is-cancelled-snow-day.” I want to make that Lara’s Hat! Thanks!

  2. For those who don’t get Knitscene, it’s not just the High Fiber tote, which is featured in the front, but Karen and the blog too, featured in a Q&A in the back! Awesome piece, and so great to see your lovely photos in print. Watch out hit counter!

  3. Congrats on the Knitscene piece, I look forward to seeing it. And thanks for the great links. I caught the NY Times piece on Asawa on the weekend, but somehow missed a few that I caught in your link. Like the one on Righter. I had never heard her specifically identified before! All good stories to reflect on before starting a new year…

  4. I’m glad you liked the link! :-)
    I don’t think the exhibition is still on display in Stockholm, but it seems to be an ongoing project and she even made a book out of it.
    And thx for sharing all the other great findings!

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