Elsewhere: new patterns, great reads and more

At home in a post-holiday fog? At work for the lame-duck session between Christmas and New Year’s? I’ve got some links to keep you occupied for a little while:

Jess Schreibstein alerted me to the fact that the Juniper Moon Farm yarn CSA is open for registration again — shares of 100% Cormo wool. Cormohhhhhh.

— Speaking of Jess, I loved her 3-part maker series: illustrator-artist Elizabeth Graeber, Kay Wang of The Things We Keep and Ashley Bram-Johnson of ABJ Glassworks.

Norwegian-sweater coloring sheets.

— Modern Farmer interviewed Clara Parkes: Everything you always wanted to know about wool but were afraid to ask (via Knit York City, where you’ll find more great links).

— See also: Clara’s Year in Review.

As promised, Bristol Ivy and Amy Christoffers have both released the patterns for their Rhinebeck sweaters: Messaline and Cinnamon Girl, respectively.

— See also: Kay Gardiner’s “heroically” gigantic Biggie Cowls (I love the construction as much as the scale); and from True Brit Knits, the perfect use for your holiday knitting scraps: the Leftovers Hat. (Predictably, I love the monochrome version.)

— And oh, hey, Pam Allen loves my State Street Cowl!

Did Santa bring you anything yarny?


13 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Please tell me the pattern name of the orange sweater showing on the page. I’m sure I have seen it before but all that Christmas candy has taken away my brain.

  2. Santa brought me three skeins of Quince and Co. Puffin, and now I know exactly what to do with it! I love your bigger version.

  3. Ach! One more gathering with Kids and then I’ll be back for all these faaaabulous links! For Christmas my sweet guy bought me “The Ultimate Hat Book.”

  4. I got three great knitting books! The Shape of Knitting by Lynn Barr; Knitting Pattern Essentials by Sally Melville; Light and Layered Knits by Vicki Square. I’ve been looking at them non-stop.

  5. Thanks so much for the Messaline mention! I’m scheming for a semi-warm day here in the office so I can wear it without a million other layers on top. :)
    And Santa brought me something tangentially yarny–a mega memory card for my camera for millions of yarny pictures!

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