Christmas-y New Favorites addendum: A very elfin earflap hat

A very elfin earflap hat

It’ll be 68 and sunny here today — that’s how we roll again/lately — but my interest in earflap hats persists. And I don’t know how I forgot about this one. Quince and Co sent it out in a holiday email yesterday — Kelpie! By Pam Allen. It’s mildly, amusingly elfin in the pretty ivory version, and full-on Christmas elf in the red. And at 3 stitches per inch, you could pull some bulky out of your stash right now and have one whipped up before all of the presents are open!

I might have to knit myself one in a nice subdued charcoal.

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates today! And to everyone else: I hope you have a lovely, quiet Wednesday off, full of knitting and good cheer.


10 thoughts on “Christmas-y New Favorites addendum: A very elfin earflap hat

  1. Merry Christmas, Karen, and EveryOne!,as she says, “who celebrates today.” Loved this when I saw it yesterday and showed to my visiting adult daughted … we agree, cute, cute, cute !!

  2. Merry Day to everyone! I was thrilled with how my earflap hat turned out for MyGuy – and, luckily, so was he. Bulky yarn with a smaller needle (5mm) gave me a super thick knit that he wanted. Now I want one! And THIS pattern is perfect!
    Oh, and I’m also reporting that The Guy LOVED his Dopp-style pouch Christmas present (with the earflap hat inside, of course… ;)

  3. If I didn’t look incredibly stupid in hats, I would definitely make one of these for myself. Anyway, Merry Christmas, Karen. Finding your blog was absolutely one of the good things about this year.

  4. I went through an earflap hat phase last winter. It coincided with my fair isles phase and the results was time consuming and adorable. This pattern looks simple and cute. I love it. Merry Christmas!

  5. I made two of those earflap hats from Purl Soho while visiting my mom for Christmas! (Both in black.)

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