How to knit like a Latvian + Elsewhere

Boxed mitten knitting kit

Remember those signs from the universe I mentioned the other day? The most thrilling one was that I won a giveaway last month. I never win giveaways. For one thing, I almost never enter them. But when I saw the photos at Mandarine’s of this beautifully boxed Latvian mitten kit, from the most enticing looking yarn shop ever (in Latvia!), I was overcome with longing. And then she told me I won! And this week it arrived and I still can’t believe I won it. It’s entirely possible I’ve gotten better things in the mail before, but if so, I don’t know what.

There’s a short history of Latvian mittens included in the pattern, all about deities and wedding chests and Latvia being “famous for the fact that the oldest mittens have been found here by archaeologists.” It also says that “for several centuries [mittens] were the main form of gift and endowed with magical significance.” Magical, indeed. Thank you for passing along the tradition, M.

Elsewhere (mini):

— Best wishes to Tolt Yarn and Wool on the grand opening this weekend — wish I could come!

— If you haven’t seen Christopher Walken knitting and shearing, stop what you’re doing and click. (h/t Linda)

Favorite yarny Instagram of the week.

— Another book worth a look: “The Knitted Slipper Book” by Katie Startzman — lots of things I’d like to slip my toes into.

Happy Friday, everyone — have a great weekend!


19 thoughts on “How to knit like a Latvian + Elsewhere

    • It’s a pretty convincing performance, but I don’t think there’s any work actually moving from the left needle to the right. But whoever coached him did an amazing job — that one split second where he shoves his work up his left needle is brilliant.

      Or maybe he really is knitting. I’d like to think so …

  1. I hadn’t seen those commercials. What a hoot! And what a box of loot! Congrats. Have a great weekend.

  2. OMG, it looks like Walken is really knitting! Hilarious! I saw him in an airline club on the east coast in September. We were delayed, so I was probably crocheting away. He didn’t seem curious about my project. ;-)

    My favorite is the instagram of the mom and daughter. Beautiful, precious….love, love.

  3. That’s so cool! I always forget (silly me) that knitting has such a long and rich history in cultures around the world… I need to read a knitting history book. Find one to post about, please? :)

    • I wish I knew of a really great one — I’d like to read it as well. There are histories of various cultures and techniques, but I don’t know if there’s a general survey of knitting.

  4. The Walken commercials are soooo much fun! How excellent! I love the final shot in the shearing one.

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  6. I just bought one of these kits at the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate this past weekend. She had such a beautiful stand – all the many different designs were hanging like bunting and these kits are so beautifully packaged. Next year, she’s adding sock kits. Three of us all bought kits and we’re going to have a Latvian party and all start the mitts together.

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