Knit the Look: Nadja Bender’s cozy marled turtleneck

How to knit Nadja Bender's cozy grey turtleneck

You guys would not believe how much sweat and angst goes into most installments of Knit the Look. I scour all my various resources and tie myself in knots over the assorted details and modifications. (And am occasionally taken to task for my suggestions.) But this one? Total no-brainer! You like Nadja Bender’s marled grey turtleneck, you knit yourself Michele Wang’s Forester exactly like the sample: that’s Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Fossil and Sweatshirt. Top down, and at that gauge, you’ll be cruising around town in it in no time.

See Vanessa’s suggestions for recreating the rest of the look, including the killer bicycle.


Street style photo © Vanessa Jackman; used with permission

13 thoughts on “Knit the Look: Nadja Bender’s cozy marled turtleneck

  1. Sigh….worsted weight and big needles are sounding reaaaaaaally good about now, considering I am not even quite halfway done with a test knit stole that is 80 inches on #4s. With a deadline. :-O

      • Held double! Oh, wow, that would go so quickly. What a fix!

        I am a pretty dorky knitter with small needles and lace weight. I knit American style and throw the yarn, which IMO, can be a real handicap. I didn’t really know I was slow until I knit with my Swiss friend, whose friggin fingers go like the wind. She knits about 5 sweaters to my every one. I did a KAL with her once….and it was funny. More like a Knit Behind than a Knit Along. ;-)

  2. Yes. The outfit is cozy and practical. The bike is great, too. However, it looks as if she could stand to have the seat raised a bit. Also…no fenders, which is OK for fair weather cycling! But no fenders when riding on wet pavement = a big ugly stripe of greasy water up the back of your lovely hand-knit sweater!

  3. Hi! I have a suggestion (and a plea for help) for a knit the look post. I want to knit a cardigan of the style that Bernadette uses in the show “The big bang theory”. I’ve been looking at patterns in ravelry a lot and can’t seem to find something similar, maybe you can find it!. There are a lot of knits in that show, I also like some of the cardigans that Amy uses, specially the ones with texture.

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